Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Braindump Batoor

last evening when i reached home, it was too hot to stay inside TV lounge, i preferred to put a chair in gallery & see people moving around while taking cool fresh breeze coming from beach side...it was not really romantic but ofcourse relaxing ;) soon after sunset mosquito started bugging me off, and i had to come inside TV lounge, after turning On television i was just surfing channels and went to K2 (Khyber TV channel), i saw Batoor is presenting some live show, i have seen him several times before on television...it is normal to see my class fellows & students coming on television especially Khyber TV, but yesterday out of blue, i decided lets call Batoor :)

i brought my notebook and started calling through my VOIP account, their number was busy, as it was very late in Pakistan, i was expecting to get through easily but it was'nt as i expected...anyhow after almost 30 min continues tries i got connected, they were at that time playing JAL songs, i guess their producer/director received my call and as soon as he came to know i am calling from Africa, he shouted on everybody, "We are going back, Batoor ... Batoor, get ready, we are going back on SOLAR..." i am not sure if SOLAR is some camera angle thingy...anyhow he asked me to wait a second, in few neno seconds i was online with Batoor :D

I started very well, though i was dam exited as it was my ever first call to any TV channel, i just said "Hello Batoor, i am Nayyar Ahmad, from Southern Africa" and BANG....! i lost his voice... i was able to listen him, but he complaint, Nayyar i CAN'T listen you, can you please come up again...and then my call dropped, holy cow, it was first time i came online with any known person on TV Live show, and i lost connection.... though i was lucky as soon as i tried again, i got connected, but same guy who picked my before complaint, Nayyar we can't hear you properly, please call us next time.... i was just able to leave a message for Batoor i.e. "Batoor, its me, Nayyar, your teacher at IMSCIENCES"....tont tont tont...call dropped.

So later when i went to bed, i started thinking, what i really remember about Batoor, lets dump it somewhere or even blog it...so in future if i get chance to speak about him, i will just open this post and read :)

things i can recall about him are:

1. He was in BCS 4 semester when i took over their class.
2. He was mostly wearing round neck t-shirts, and loose jeans.
3. He was mostly speaking in English.
4. He was always late in class, especially i saw him coming late in first period.
5. His father died, when he was my student, and we (his class fellows & me) spoke a while in class when he came from vacations.
6. He was mostly downloading lyrics of English songs, those he was using in his late night FM radio show.
7. Once when i blocked that lyrics site in proxy server, he came to me with Asad(his class fellow) for request to open that site only on that small lab, where they were mostly sitting.
8. He met once me in RMI (Rehman Medical Center), he came to take some lab report of his grand father/mother (i am not sure).
9. He once showed me his hand written one page resume, that he wrote for VJ at Khyber TV, when Khyber TV got famous.
10. i listened him several times on FM radio, where he use to dedicate songs to his teachers and class fellows :)

this is all what i can recall about him.

This is really strange, as we being teachers, when teaching students, we are seeing them as Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals...etc, but later when they get into some shape they are surprisingly different.



sahar mehreen said...

lolx you should have called him from ur cell fone or some odar reliable way..da lines you used for call mayb a lil noisy...you can also participate via emails in that programme *i guess*...

but bathoor shud at least appraciate your participation though for a while..afterall u tend to participate from the odar continent..

good to know dat you have AVT khyber there.. :)


Sohail Akhtar said...

Hello Sir
It nice you remember your student and specually the very small small things but when your students get famous so they become different :( :( :( this is not fair

And believe me sir this will not be the case between me and you and you should noticed it already if not you will inshallah :)


nayyares said...

@Sahar, calling from mobile is too costly :) yeah they were exited to receive my call as i said, they cut JAL song and took me online with him, it was my bad that voice quality was not as good as it was expected, better next time ;)

@Sohail, it is God gifted, that i have really strong memory, i even remember very small small events those are happening around me, though a poet said "Yad-e-mazi azaab hey yarub, cheen ley mujeh say hafza mera" ;)

regarding student & teacher relationship, i guess it is purely depends on person to person, i still love my best teachers and regularly call them, i even discuss them in my friends & family, so they are my part of life, same for students, there are some students i miss *even male students*, haha (kidding)

i guess you d'nt need to mention your feelings about me :) you are more than a student to me!


Haroon Ahmad said...

well, I had called Batoor once on his FM show. I told him I was your brother and he was very happy. He even dedicated a song to you on-air and praised you for a while during show. :)

You are a great human being, no doubt. If I see you as a person you have lots of students and other people around you who really loves you because you helped them without any greed. I still remember, a dozens of students coming to our house to learn from you advanced computer courses for FREE and you regularly gave them time despite of your very busy and tiresome schedule. So I think they really owe you this respect though I know you don't expect them to as you did all favours with them for your internal satisfaction.

Anonymous said...
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Haroon Ahmad said...

@prison: get a life, don't be sacracstic. It was a funny post and nothing personal. In fact you have been disgusting in your comment. And who you are? you don't have the balls to disclose your identity then on whom behalf you are shouting?

you need to improve your sense of humor rather than being idiotic.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Haroon Ahmad said...

you definitely know batoor or nayyar that is why you posted comment. and if you i take your words that you dont know us then you are not welcome to raise a controversial issue between a friendly teacher and student. in that case you just keep out and dont overthink on issues about which you dont have much information.

Anonymous said...

ok ok fine i am out.... i am really sorry for that and really didnt mean any harm....specially to Mr. Nayyar!
have fun!
Salman Haider from South Africa!

Batoor Qazi said...

Oh my... I never thought anyone would blog about me! and to my surprise after I read this, I'm finding myself with no words but to say, "Thank you Sir Nayyar", I am honored. I still remember the day you called at K2, not knowing that it was you and we had a very brief word on where you were from and then the line dropped. I was later informed by the production crew that the call was from one of my teacher at South Africa and I was left wondering who it could be? Not having a super memory, I never knew who made that call until now! =D

It almost took me 2 years to respond to this well written blog and I must say the 10 point about me are classic.

I wish I had a super memory to respond to your 10 point with my "10 things I recall about Sir. Nayyar" but I'm sure it would take me days even weeks to figure out and compile such a list but there's no harm in giving it a try.

Here it goes... Things I recall about Sir. Nayyar!

1. One thing I know for sure that you were super nice to our batch and you cared about us like anything.

2. Our batch enjoyed special privileges on accessing blocked websites including "Orkut" at the mini Lab. All thanks to you!

3. Students were never hesitant to walk into your office and talk about whatever there was to talk about at any time... This explains why your office was always over crowded.

4. Once you caught me and Muntazir cheating during an exam.... That was such an odd moment for me and I used to have nightmares about it... Haha... Exaggerated a bit but confession out in the open now =)

5. The Gmail account that I use these days was created when Gmail only used invites to create accounts and that invite was sent to me by you. (It's my primary every day use account)

That's the best I can do! 5 classic points I recall about Mr. Nayyar and I am glad as ever that I wrote them down. I do miss the good old days when I was carefree and had a small group of friends and the best teachers one could ask for. Well sir, your blog certainly brought back all those memories.

Once again thank you for that fantastic blog... It just made my day. I wish nothing but success and happiness for you and if you ever plan to come back to Pakistan, I would look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Batoor Qazi