Thursday, October 30, 2008

HAL daemon hang in fedora 8, Fix !

I was getting strange, rather annoying behavior on my fedora 8 installed day when i came home and booted my notebook it started hanging during the boot process and it was taking ages to give me login when i went crazy with this stupid HAL daemon hang problem, i checked the /var/log/messages on search for HAL daemon errors & I found the following line i.e.

OCT 30 23:13:35 engineer gnome-keyring-daemon[2671]: failed to initialize a HAL context: (null)

After some googling found on ubuntu's forum one guy fix the same kind of error though changing the HAL daemon's priority and it was solved for him, in fact, its a conflict of priority HAL daemon went in a kind of race condition with some other daemon.

what i did is that, as he suggested moved the HAL daemon almost the last daemon to run in rc5.d directory i.e.

# cd /etc/rc5.d
# mv S98haldaemon S99haldaemon

after doing this trick the problem vanished.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

clone the filesystem/machine

I was reading LinuxJournal's email update regarding latest articles released, i came through a short article regarding cloning the filesystem, although the author have made a simple & easy way to do so, but i and many others did'nt like it, even in article's comments, i found a very simple n short way of cloning the filesystem i.e. rsync + ssh, here it is :p

Why not just use rysnc after booting the target from a livecd (assuming it's a new install), enabling ssh and mounting the target partition?

mkdir /mnt/fake
mount -o bind / /mnt/fake
cd /mnt/fake
rsync -avz --progress ./*

/boot /home or /var other other partitions can be done the same way, and attributes are preserved. Bind mounting will keep rsync from trying to copy /proc /dev or /sys from your original / partition, too. Only / has to be bind mounted before copying.

I guess its the perfect way, though there are many other options !


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

running EM (Enterprise Manager) in RAC.

Today, i was trying to start EM on my new born two node RAC, but even when i issued

$emctl start dbconsole

it gave me indication that EM has been started successfully but later when i tried to open through its URL at one of the client machines...i was unable to get through...just after realising the fact that in case of RAC EM should be started on all RAC nodes...i did so and things get normal.

conclusion: we should run EM daemon on all RAC nodes before we use it.