Monday, December 28, 2009

Price of a relationship

I heard Ishfaq Ahmad several times talking about strong relationships or friendships, he was mainly emphasizing on people's collaboration & communication and the worth they give to their relationships.

Once in his program he talked about Cost of a relationship, it was brain buzzing idea! and since then i believe in "There is always a Price to keep a relationship" d'nt think me a materialistic or even Ishfaq Ahmad...but it is true that in our world, we have to buy every-single bit of our owe objects, we even silent or undisclosed mannerly buy our owing relationships.

Taking friendship under vision, there could be following properties one can presume i.e.

- How it was started?
- What was it's intensity?
- How often you practiced that friendship?
- What is the frequency now?
- What is it's price to keep it going at start?
- What is it's price to keep it going, now?
- How important is this friendship to you?

if you can find answer to above questions, for a particular relationship/friendship, you would probably find "How important a certain relationship/friendship is for you?".

lets take a case study and calculate Price to keep relationship/friendship.

Case: my ever first friendship that i can recall now! i.e. with "Seven Das Chohan"

so lets find the answers...

- How it was started?
He was my class-fellow in 1st grade, Sharing same Desk...

- What was it's intensity?
it was quite smooth, we never felt each other demanding.

- How often you practiced that friendship?
everyday :) as we were class fellows.

- What is the frequency now?
we stayed together until 5th grade, when he was depromoted and later left school to
get admission in a non-Muslim school, and then he just disappeared, so frequency is zero now.

- What is it's price to keep it going at start?
Not much notifiable, mostly sharing home work & lunch box & playing together in recess time...etc.

- What is it's price to keep it going, now?
as we are not in contact anymore, so cost is zero.

- How important is this friendship to you?
it is not important, i am living without it :-|

I am afraid to calculate Price of my current or living friendships/relationship as it could create several issue for me... :) anyhow it would be really interesting for you to take some time from your busy life and calculate the cost you bare to keep a relationship or friendship and then see how important is it!

I have noticed that there are many relationships or friendship i keep, they are costing me a lot, but i am willing to carry on with them, and there are some who's cost is just a phone call or chat or email once in a year, but still they have a great importance to me...

Disclaimer: D'nt break your friendship or relationship after reading this post, it is just to poke you, to think on your dead relationships/friendships or even on those which are going to be dead in near future, you should realize how small price you pay to keep some really enjoyable companies...

Moral, Friends & Relations are the actual assets we carry...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Musa Khan caste theory

It has been several years i am out of Pakistan, but still, sometimes i get stuck in my past, as once Qazi Ahkam (my best teacher) said about Mirza Ghalib poetry, "tum Ghalib koo aaj perloo aur kai saloon baad jub koi waqia hoga tab tum uss key sath Ghalib ki shayari ko mansoob karoogay, tu tum phir uss key sher ka maza logay" english "you read Ghalib's poetry today & you will understand it several years after when something will happen and you will related Ghalib's poetry to that event & will enjoy!"

I never understood Qazi Akham statement until i recalled Ghalib's ghalaz famous line "Khaaq main kia soratain hongi key pinha hongai..." i realized his greatness when i came to know about death of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, then Dr. Ghulam Murtaza and then might be continuing, so as soon as someone of such caliber leave us, i just recall Ghalib's misra "Khaaq main kia soratain hongi key pinha hongai..."

coming back quickly to Musa Khan...let me introduce him,

- Musa Khan was unofficial accountant of Haji Jamsher Khan at Khyber Medical Center (NWFP biggest private hospital at that time)
- Musa Khan did Metric in 1937 under British held India.
- Musa Khan was from same village as Haji Jamsher Khan.
- Musa Khan was not sure about his age, but you can imagine he was my colleague in 1999-2002.
- Musa Khan was really intelligent person, and was handling millions of dollars manual account single headed.
- Musa Khan was use to tell short but meaning full stories.
- Musa Khan was by nature very quiet.

Initially i was appointed in KMC as office clerk but later i was promoted and become some kinda office manager, during that time i use to recheck all cash-in/cash-out by my colleague cashiers, with the time i found different ways by which one can steal money and it was really shocking that i found several corruption cases, even my very senior & religious colleagues were making huge corruption by some really pathetic ways. Anyhow, initially i was reluctant to hold people on such cases, but lately i decided to adopt some policy to avoid such robbery. So i started notifying my colleagues in person about their scams and asked them to bring that money some of my colleagues were working more 10 years in same hospital for a very nominal salary, i didn't felt good to report Haji Jamsher or even Musa Khan about such things...this process started very well, all my colleagues were then very attentive as they knew i can get hold of them...

Islamudin Shami was an actor mostly played Villon roles in Pushtu movies was also hired by Haji Jamsher to prepare fake account books, those were presented for Income Tax department...Shami was really pissed off with people working in actual accounts, as they had chances to scam money while Shami never got any chance to rube Haji Jamsher...he was always searching "Howto blame office staff". Anyhow, Khan Wali, one of office cashier who was use to come in night duty, and was most corrupt person among all office pissed off with me and prepared a drama with Shami i.e.

They somehow gathered all those payments proofs those were missing and i asked some of my colleagues to bring back...but they were making excuses and were trying to delay...though i never reported Haji Jamsher about they took all those proofs to Haji Jamsher and told him that Nayyar is making corruption along with two of my colleague (the one were defaulter)...anyhow Haji Jamsher called all office staff (only clerical) to come in his office and then he blamed Me, Janzeb (who was Haji Jamsher best friend's son in law) and Rasheed (Haji Jamsher's personal school headmistress son). As soon as Haji presented the acquisition, Janzeb & Rasheed started weeping and asked forgiveness, though i was really shocked... it was really a strange situation for me, i was too young & less experienced to face such situation...though unexpectedly Haji Jamsher turned to me "Nayyar, tell me what is fact, i believe in you!"
I d'nt know why but i said "Haji Saab, none of them were intentionally doing it, i had identified them & they were about to payback all." My statement, i did't knew will worth to Haji, he simply on my statement left both clerks and gave me serious warnning...and divided all missing amount on three people including me... so they started cutting our salary for next few months... :(

After few week passed, Khan wali, janzeb & rasheed including shami became big enemy for me... they started fighting and pin pointing my work....

After getting really frustrated i once discuss all situation with Musa Khan, who in return narrated this short story.

Once in a Jungle a tigress had two new born (tiger Cub) children, she had to leave them alone to hunt meal for them, once tigress in search of meal/hunt went too far, so that night came in her way to home & she was unable to reach her kids, she thought that they might have been dead due of she did'nt bother to return during the night, though in early morning she went her home to bury her kids in grave. But when she arrived her her kids were fine & playing...she asked her kids, what happen, how come you survived ? they told her "Mother, there was a She Goat, who feed them when we were weeping with hunger..." tigress rushed to see that She Goat & said, you have done a great favour to me, in return i bless you immunity, no one in jungle will attack on you! you will remain our friend...

After some time, In same jungle an Eagle was flying over that area, he saw a very strange event, i.e. that She Goat is walking among lions & tigers and no one is eating her...Eagle out of curiosity went to She Goat and asked her about this phenomena, She Goat told her all that story...Eagle got a lesson from She Goat, that Helping someone is a good act!

Just after few days, same eagle came weeping to that She Goat...she saw that Eagle has no feather on him, and he is crying badly...She Goat asked him, what has happen to you? Eagle said, i was flying over some part of the jungle, i saw few small mouse were dieing with cold, i felt that their mother wouldn't be able to rescue them, so i went and took all those mouse's kids under me to warm...when i saw Sun rise, i tried to flew but i could not...because my all feathers were eaten by mice...

In reply to Eagles terrible happening, She Goat said "Naiki karo lakin Aseel sey, Kamasal say nahin..." english "Always give favour to high caste people, never low..."

Now you think about your life happening & then let me know, were She Goat correct?

though i usually find, She was correct! ;)


Monday, December 14, 2009

A hundred years age of unix/oracle admin

since i am a bit off workload these days, so i usually feel lazy, i know you are thinking, its pretty natural :) anyhow, i told one of my colleague about my feeling & laziness, she out of the box gave me a really bright idea, "Nayyar, when you are down & lazy, try to follow your feelings, do exact your heart is telling you..." it seems pretty ordinary statement, but actually it is not!

so yesterday i started thinking what exactly my heart feels, and i found myself more confused, can you tell me what exactly your heart wants to do? i mean it is really complex, if you try to search your feelings & try to refine what exactly is your desire, you will suddenly find yourself more confused rather clueless...After a while i got a tiny feeling about my profession, what exact i should do ? can you answer this? is it easy to tell anyone what exactly you are suppose to do? puff again confusing...

after few hours, i started to think on my career history and tried to find what exact i adore to do! and surprisingly i found that me, i mean Nayyar, i mean me :) like to be Guile program :-| ok! you d'nt know about guile then please read it...

my first encounter with guile was in 2005, when zeenix gave me a few minutes intro, but i got stock into guile badly, even during my MS second semester, we had to submit final project, i asked Dr. Lutfullah & Zeenix about ideas on guile project, though only zeenix sent me, this (His) project wish-list, as a matter of fact there were quite a few projects, but i selected XML-RPC binding project, and soon after that i prepared so called this project proposal which lately was submitted to Shahid Nawaz, he was our supervisor in MS Projects.

at that time zeenix left for Karachi (Pakistan), so it was hard to get hold of him, i somehow find myself hopeless in start of this project, as no one at Peshawar (Pakistan) was able to teach/help/program guile and it became really hard to get time from my busy schedule to do my own research on guile...during guile intro zeenix told me about #guile at if you never have been in then you should feel ashamed :-| ... so i started getting into #guile and spending everyday few hours in this chatroom, talking to people, mostly "wingo, rotty & zeenix himself..." with the time i got several good source of learning guile such as,

1. guile ebook - (it is not complete though really interesting and helpful)
2. guile/scheme/lisp video lectures - (Excellent stuff from MIT)
3. #guile itself.
4. if you know any other, please let me know, i will add here ;)

so yesterday, i thought to poke all those folks at #guile and logged in there, check below

i was lucky to find wingo & zeenix both online and did a small chat :)

Later i confesses at #guile "hacking guile for a week is hundred years life of a unix/oracle admin ;)"


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ultrasound aur Molvi

When I was in Metric (10th grade), we were introduced to mathematical theorems, most of them were really boring & were passing by my head, but somehow i remembered few of them, not complete text ofcourse :) but at least the idea behind or the results... some of them are really interesting and amazing.

for example, two diagonal line will have always same angle on opposite sides.

i.e. in figure a=b & c=d , is't it interesting ?

there was another one, which is really interesting i.e.

Two parallel line will never colloid each other :)

this is really interesting, in our surrounding you will observe it in everyday happening, if two things are in parallel they have no chance to colloid, if and only if they keep themselves parallel.

i remember my childhood days, when we were use to go for Juma(Friday) Prayers & were listening to our Molvi's speech on several issues, he was sometime very scientific as he turn his speech direction to science & Islam, most of the time he was proving that what science is saying is exactly according to Islam, to consolidate his arguments, he was mostly giving us examples.

such as, drinking water in Islamic way, sleeping, fasting etc... as a matter of fact, there are many :)

But sometimes he become really annoyed with scientist around the world and he was saying about "What science CANNOT achieve", then his speech became more interesting because he was use to explain several issue where scientist were hopeless at that time.

The most frequently used example was "Baby Gender detection, before birth" he was use to say us, look innocent muslims...all these scientist are working on many big inventions, they even went in space & moon, but they are still unable to detect baby's gender before it's birth!

This is true at that time we were really amazed by his example...and most of the Juma (Friday) prayer crowd was praising his knowledge & way of convincing us towards religion.

But what happen just few years after, science & scientist were able to detect baby's gender through Ultrasound technology, even more they now reached to a technology level, where through medical exams they can even predict the baby's abilities & disabilities, beyond that they are now producing human organs & test tube babies, genetic engineering is a known field to everyone...

This is fact, that his example was not reference from any authentic Islamic book, it was his own perception about science & he just without giving it a second thought threw to us, but what happen next, he disturbed people's belief with his own false statements, now imagine what a person of that time will think about Islam, did Scientist proved Islam is wrong? or Islam is outdated ? or even Islam has nothing to do with science ?

keep in mind that this statement was widely used in Islam & Science lectures throughout Pakistan and it was very popular argument among Molvi Hazrat.

i wish our Molvlies should take some time and think about mathematical laws, if you are parallel you have no chance of collision.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Braindump Batoor

last evening when i reached home, it was too hot to stay inside TV lounge, i preferred to put a chair in gallery & see people moving around while taking cool fresh breeze coming from beach was not really romantic but ofcourse relaxing ;) soon after sunset mosquito started bugging me off, and i had to come inside TV lounge, after turning On television i was just surfing channels and went to K2 (Khyber TV channel), i saw Batoor is presenting some live show, i have seen him several times before on is normal to see my class fellows & students coming on television especially Khyber TV, but yesterday out of blue, i decided lets call Batoor :)

i brought my notebook and started calling through my VOIP account, their number was busy, as it was very late in Pakistan, i was expecting to get through easily but it was'nt as i expected...anyhow after almost 30 min continues tries i got connected, they were at that time playing JAL songs, i guess their producer/director received my call and as soon as he came to know i am calling from Africa, he shouted on everybody, "We are going back, Batoor ... Batoor, get ready, we are going back on SOLAR..." i am not sure if SOLAR is some camera angle thingy...anyhow he asked me to wait a second, in few neno seconds i was online with Batoor :D

I started very well, though i was dam exited as it was my ever first call to any TV channel, i just said "Hello Batoor, i am Nayyar Ahmad, from Southern Africa" and BANG....! i lost his voice... i was able to listen him, but he complaint, Nayyar i CAN'T listen you, can you please come up again...and then my call dropped, holy cow, it was first time i came online with any known person on TV Live show, and i lost connection.... though i was lucky as soon as i tried again, i got connected, but same guy who picked my before complaint, Nayyar we can't hear you properly, please call us next time.... i was just able to leave a message for Batoor i.e. "Batoor, its me, Nayyar, your teacher at IMSCIENCES"....tont tont dropped.

So later when i went to bed, i started thinking, what i really remember about Batoor, lets dump it somewhere or even blog in future if i get chance to speak about him, i will just open this post and read :)

things i can recall about him are:

1. He was in BCS 4 semester when i took over their class.
2. He was mostly wearing round neck t-shirts, and loose jeans.
3. He was mostly speaking in English.
4. He was always late in class, especially i saw him coming late in first period.
5. His father died, when he was my student, and we (his class fellows & me) spoke a while in class when he came from vacations.
6. He was mostly downloading lyrics of English songs, those he was using in his late night FM radio show.
7. Once when i blocked that lyrics site in proxy server, he came to me with Asad(his class fellow) for request to open that site only on that small lab, where they were mostly sitting.
8. He met once me in RMI (Rehman Medical Center), he came to take some lab report of his grand father/mother (i am not sure).
9. He once showed me his hand written one page resume, that he wrote for VJ at Khyber TV, when Khyber TV got famous.
10. i listened him several times on FM radio, where he use to dedicate songs to his teachers and class fellows :)

this is all what i can recall about him.

This is really strange, as we being teachers, when teaching students, we are seeing them as Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals...etc, but later when they get into some shape they are surprisingly different.