Friday, November 16, 2007

Blade Servers Solution Diagram

Here we go... you are now seeing my new proposed design for Blade Server based data center, the design is more likely be implemented in our data center, where we will integrates the old rack mounted servers with new Blade Solution.

In the image you will find two chesses, in my proposed design Blade Chesses B is a backup/standby of Blade Chesses A. It was our requirement one can change accordingly !


Ghost bump my car !

I was enjoying my Honda and was thinking that no body in town has a fine (scratch less) Honda like me, then suddenly last week i came office and parked my car in front of office building, it was the safest place i could find in this world.... but when i went out with Atanasia to show her few cars in one of my friend's show room i saw a big dent in right back door, exactly in middle of it....uffff !

No body claim till yet that this is who that broke my heart :-( initially i was thinking to scream on road and bash all our security guards, but in fact its not their fault... i should be parking inside laziness made a big dent in my lovely Honda's back door.

PS: if that guy (The Ghost) read my blogs, please at least inform me about his act, otherwise i will keep believing that it was a Ghost who bump it !

Sad endings....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Planning is more important then struggling !

Keeping all my life experience in view I came to conclusion that planning is more important then struggling (Hard-Work), as if you are a hard worker but you are unable to guide yourself to a proper direction you will end up with a big looser... ! while if you are a very good planner who can always make proper plan to achieve his/her goal no mater if you have less motivation in hard work, but you are in right direction and will end up success full...!

Here I can easily conclude that the best person who has higher chance of success in his life would be the one who work for his plan :-). I always try to be a planned person still sometime i am out of plan...!

I have a lot to write in support of my conclusion but I think there is'nt any confusion so will save my typing effort , that shows I am less hard worker, but a good planner :-D