Thursday, November 11, 2010

no subject - Redhat

it is amazing to know, how pathetic could be a company like Redhat, i received an email today regarding RHCE certification, the two points really made me write this blog post are,

1. email without subject.
2. the paragraph where the made an excuse of verification system error!

here we go:

Hello Nayyar Ahmad:

Red Hat has announced general availability of Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 6. Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Red Hat Certified
Engineer (RHCE) certification will be considered non-current
on January 9, 2011 per the re-certification policy. It will
still be possible to verify your certification at

Unfortunately, there is a minor bug in the page such that your
certification will report "Current until " instead of
simply "Current". This issue will be resolved by the end of
the month.

During the time between now and January 9, 2011 you will remain
eligible to take Red Hat Certificate of Expertise Exams.
In order to remain eligible after that date you will need
to re-certify. Discounts are available in most areas for

If you are a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), Red Hat
Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS), or Red Hat Certified
Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS), you will need to re-certify
to retain those titles after January 9. You will retain all
Certificates of Expertise you have earned in either case.
If you choose to re-certify, we will apply previously-earned
Certificates of Expertise to your new RHCE and your status as
an RHCA, RHCSS or RHCDS will be restored.

For RHCEs earned under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and later,
a new re-certification policy will apply. This new policy only
applies to new certifications and will provide more options
for remaining current.

Please direct questions or comments to the certification team at

Best wishes!
Red Hat Certification