Monday, May 13, 2013

draining Arabic in Urdu!

gradually at the end of Zia era, i saw some Urdu words/phrase got Arabic conversion, even few are subject to FATWA-e-kufar, and mostly Pakistanis become highly speculate about their correct Arabic version use, some of them are now everyday practice, and original word/phrase has taken to act of kufar.

some for example:

1. khuda hafiz - allah hafiz

2. apna khayal rakhna - allah nigebaan

3. shukria - jazakallah

4. god - God

5. allah - Allah

6. bohat khoob, bohat ala = mashallah

7. every statement for future tense start with inshallah.

8. adaab/salam - initially to salam-o-alykum and lately Asalam-o-alykum in certain situation even Asalam-o-alykum wa rahmatullah.

9. naming person with one of the allah's 99 names - start with "abdul" and the person must always be called using "abdul" e.g. abdul samad, abdul shakoor etc...

10. shab-a-kher - allah hafiz

later this whole Urdu-Arabic back-and-fourth saga was clinch in three major factors:

1. introducing Arabic language as as subject in high schools curriculum, specially in Federal Board affiliated schools.

2. beard men initially lazy/philosophical look - lately became symbol of religious personality, even beard men were started calling mulvi saab, sufi saab etc...

3. shalwar kameez & kurta pajamaa suddenly became Islamic dress.