Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poem, for Qazi Muhammad Ahkam.

I am nowhere near to poetry, i am self admitted idiot to this field, though i can't stop myself to write a poem for him. He has a great impact in my life, one can imagine what force me to write my ever first poem :)

i hope he will like it too!

inspiration that you made to me
is the objective of life to me

i do all to get until you
you are always ahead of me

you were a source of light to me
i found you all, in me

Khizar has a presence to me
if it's true, it is you to me.

[1] Khizar: the angel, considered to help or bring God's blessings...
[2] Qazi Muhammand Ahkam: he is my best teacher, taught me Physics & life & motivation... :)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ph.d Student recommendation or Reference letter, template

I.U.H made me referee for his Ph.d admission in a European university, I.U.H is very near to me, he was in real a very promising and obedient student & lately a close friend. The university later sent me an email to write a reference, i was first thinking to use some template, but as i never like ready made stuff, at least for writing, in my opinion it kills yours i decided to write it by myself... the university had some limitations on size of reference letter, so i had to be very precised, i am publishing this reference letter here, i wish it is helpful by any means in your case ! , i will appreciate if you can add some comment on this tiny writing and advice me to correct it for future...

Download link


group.dba does not exist, projmod error

Gabi asked me to help her in configuring Oracle 11g new RAC servers, she was getting errors on kernel parameters configuration in Solaris 10. According to my own written RAC pre installation guide on Solaris 10, i was deceived by ORACLE's official documentation they didn't mentioned about "projadd" so when she was trying to execute projmod command to set kernel parameters, she was getting error "group.dba does not exist".

after realizing that there is of course some steps messing i consult uncle google ;) and found a post , where i found the missing block i.e. projadd command, in fact we need to first add a project only then after we can projmod (modify) it. here is the command:

#projadd -U oracle -K "project.max-shm-memory=(priv,10G,deny)" group.dba


Friday, August 21, 2009

Concept behind IPMP confiugration for RAC's Public & Interconnect, Solaris

For our coming "going to born" baby Oracle 11g RAC on Solaris 10, i wrote a step by step pre installation task guide, that i am going to release pretty soon, though i mentioned on that guide about configuration of IPMP, i was expecting that our system admins will be able to do by themselves but unfortunately it was just new for them, so i have to make more research to discuss the exact IPMP concept and configuration with them. Here are my finding

Consider you have 4 Network cards in your machine i.e.

1. c0 ---> Public IP Interface
2. c1 ---> Public IP Interface (standby)
3. c2 ---> Private Interconnect IP Interface
4. c3 ---> Private Interconnect IP Interface (standby)

so consider if you have subnet ( for Public Interface and ( as private interconnect subnet, i am not considering netmask and other IP/Network configuration in my example, but you should keep in mind that all Public IP's for RAC network configuration should be in single/same Subnet, while all Interconnect IP's should also be in single/same subnet.

So now 1st to configure Public Interface you need three/3 IPs e.g., &

so you will assign them like:

1. c0 ---> will be assign --- called Physical IP
2. c0:1 ---> will be assign --- called Test IP
3. c1 ---> will be assign --- called Test IP

all three should be in same/single IPMP group.

for private interconnect, you need also three IPs e.g., &

1. c2 ---> will be assign --- called Physical IP
2. c2:1 ---> will be assign --- called Test IP
3. c3 ---> will be assign --- called Test IP

all three should be in same/single IPMP group other then Public IPMP group. You should NOT keep Public & Interconnect IPMP group names similar, otherwise it can cause serious network problems and even ORACLE discourage doing this.


1. Metalink Note: 283107.1
2. Metalink Note: 368464.1


really impressive SPAM

yesterday i received an email, though i have a tendency to delete SPAM emails even before opening it, and i have a nice & quick scrutiny method, but this email deceived me !

here it is:

Hi Nayyar

Sorry for the delay in responding. Our international launch has been
exciting and very busy.

Here is the link for more information on FDI International

This will give you a presentation on the company. Please email me with a
good time to call to you so we can discuss the I information more in detail
and discuss us partnering together. I am 6 hours behind.

Your Partner in Success,

Lynette Jones Lewis
Direct Line: (410) 428 - 5014
Fax: (877) 267 - 3063

i would like to know, if you receive such email, will you try to give it a read or no?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file

Yesterday when we were testing auto startup of development environment databases, i found that one of the database is getting following error:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 29 - see DBWR trace file
ORA-01110: data file 29:

from above datafile name you have realized that its a kinda jerk :s someone has made a datafile with no sense and then he/she have removed the file by O.S command, but he/she did'nt updated database about it !

So during the test when we were starting this database it came untill mount stage and then got stuck !!! i.e.


SQL> alter database open;
alter database open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 29 - see DBWR trace file
ORA-01110: data file 29:

so to fix it, i did following:


SQL>alter database datafile 29 OFFLINE DROP;
SQL>alter database open;