Friday, August 21, 2009

really impressive SPAM

yesterday i received an email, though i have a tendency to delete SPAM emails even before opening it, and i have a nice & quick scrutiny method, but this email deceived me !

here it is:

Hi Nayyar

Sorry for the delay in responding. Our international launch has been
exciting and very busy.

Here is the link for more information on FDI International

This will give you a presentation on the company. Please email me with a
good time to call to you so we can discuss the I information more in detail
and discuss us partnering together. I am 6 hours behind.

Your Partner in Success,

Lynette Jones Lewis
Direct Line: (410) 428 - 5014
Fax: (877) 267 - 3063

i would like to know, if you receive such email, will you try to give it a read or no?


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Haroon Ahmad said...

if some stranger address me by my name and offer a partnership in business, I would be over-protective then. Because he has already done his homework on me by knowing at least my name.

However, for spammers, sometimes you download some song, or you send an e-card where you mention your email, those websites keep collecting your personal data and they sell it on such spammers. These spammer just write some spamming script which reads your name and other information in their email template to earn your trust. For me, it is still a SPAM and should be dealt like a SPAM.