Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ph.d Student recommendation or Reference letter, template

I.U.H made me referee for his Ph.d admission in a European university, I.U.H is very near to me, he was in real a very promising and obedient student & lately a close friend. The university later sent me an email to write a reference, i was first thinking to use some template, but as i never like ready made stuff, at least for writing, in my opinion it kills yours i decided to write it by myself... the university had some limitations on size of reference letter, so i had to be very precised, i am publishing this reference letter here, i wish it is helpful by any means in your case ! , i will appreciate if you can add some comment on this tiny writing and advice me to correct it for future...

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Haroon Ahmad said...

To whom it may concern:

FULL NAME has done MS-IT from University Of Peshawar. I had been his lecturer for four years and he also did his graduation thesis under my supervision.

I found FULL NAME very considerate, punctual, hard working and promising student. He always demonstrated good English language communication skills. His two IEEE International Publications illustrate his capabilities to move further in his field of study. He always stood out from the crowd on basis of his hard work, enthusiasm and intelligence. Besides, he actively participated in extra curriculum activities for example debate-competition and essay-writing, to name a few.

Keeping a bird-eye-view of FULL NAME performance in the field of education and his overall attitude towards knowledge-seeking, I strongly recommend himfor the PhD programme. I would be happy to consider any inquiries about him in this regard.

Nayyar Ahmad

University Of Peshawar

Consultant Data Center
Company xyz

Phone: 00911-007

aldrin james said...

I am so thankful to found this post. That link gives me very amazing examples of reference letter templates. I have been looking for that kind of examples.

letter format

David said...

Many thanks!