Friday, March 28, 2008

Lahore's IG Police respect terrorists

Yesterday when I was watching Geo New fortunately I came across a hot story "Two Terrorists arrested in Lahore Pakistan with suicide jackets !" then the actual story begin, when they short after announcing this breaking new shown a video clip of Lahore's Inspector General Police press conference, please keep in mind that right now two different US delegations are on Pakistan official tours to dictate American Police for Pakistan's new government; of course Mr. Zardari the ruling parties head who is already blessed from jail & have given the Govertment how can he reject these howto Pakistan :)

Pakistan is a country where a chief of army staff can hold President seat; where he can fire chief justice of country; even he can make his own party & bless them the parliament; nothing impossible even after he can change the countries Law/Constitution to support his decisions....Pakistan is true GPL (General Public License) country...

Now both Musharaf (Pakistan's President) & ruling party (PPPP) wants to get USA made Dog's food, both tried their own ways to get it....of course they knew that Americans these days gets very happy when they came to know there are other people exists those find terrorists :) already Pakistan Army & Police has been used for this purpose "A LOT" so again yesterday....

I will come back to the point where I started the "The Press Conference" i hope you got the idea...whether there were two terrorist arrested in real or not, but IG Police yesterday has shown how duty full he is, by speaking in public about holding them in custody. he told press: "Sir; we have arrested two Gentlemen with suicide attack jackets & some ammunition" a full stop here.

So could you believe how respectful IG Police we have...he arrested two Gentlemen :)... he was asked to speak in English, just because the foreign media reports can easily understand that what a great miracle has happened. It was over expected from him...but he used his whole English dictionary to speak about those Gentlemen... I am thankful to our IGP for this great speech, he is true Pakistani, he gave a clear picture of these terrorists, "they are not bad guys..." of course they are not, either because they d'nt exists or they are fighting for a good cause.

I hope after saying them Gentlemen, Mr. Musharaf & Mr. Zardari will not fire him :p

Thank you very much Sir, IGP Lahore.

comparison between MySQL, Oracle & PostgreSQL

I personally like PostgreSQL because its an open source database, I was introduce first when Kamran Azeem told me about its power & strength; But as I am Oracle certified DBA & have a long term experience i personally admit its the best in the world. "No doubt" but for the users/managers those are using oracle for not highly critical system, i would recommend them for Postgresql.

Today I was talking with Mauro (my office's dba) he was amazed when he came to know about postgresql powers & design. After our almost 20min discussion he agreed to use Postgresql for some logs management instances. He asked me to find out the benchmark/comparison between Oracle VS Postgresql, after a 10-15min googling I cam across this article it even covers mysql comparison.

Its not a bad idea for any of you to try Postgresql...although its not Oracle but of course something near to it. **Just for Free** :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Converting ogg to mp3 on Fedora 8

Carla last night gave me Moz Top chart audio cd, I left notebook at office so today morning I tried to copy them to my iPod, when I tried to extract songs from audio cd using

k3b -> tools -> Rip Audio Cd

it extracted all songs in .ogg extension, but iPod is not able to play .ogg files I found a very nice tiny application in Fedora 8's yum repo, SOUNDCONVERTER, that can convert .ogg to mp3 & other formates. I just did,

$yum install soundconverter
I then edit the soundconverternt type files type by,

soundconverter -> edit -> preferences -> in "result type tag" check mp3a"Convert " button.
e rest.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Printing Protected PDF on Fedora 8

After assigning JBoss Tuning Project to Macandza, I yesterday sent him a Presentation in PDF, that was published in JBoss World 2005, the presentation is about key points in JBoss Tuning, It was a surprise for me that Macandza just called me & said " Man, I am unable to print this 9 pages presentation, it is print protected..." Bang !

I was completely shocked, why a person/company wants to protect their presentation that is already presented publically while they are presenting an Open Source technology. Anyhow I googled about the problem & came to a work around i.e.

You can convert a Protected PDF to images using pdftoppm & then print them page by page, it is a bit hectic but it worked for me because they were just 9 pages.

the utility is in Fedora 8 yum repo, here we go :

$pdftoppm print-protected-pdf-file-name.pdf target-file-name

this will generate each page of pdf file as a separate image file with serial names e.g. target-file-name-01...02 & so on.