Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Printing Protected PDF on Fedora 8

After assigning JBoss Tuning Project to Macandza, I yesterday sent him a Presentation in PDF, that was published in JBoss World 2005, the presentation is about key points in JBoss Tuning, It was a surprise for me that Macandza just called me & said " Man, I am unable to print this 9 pages presentation, it is print protected..." Bang !

I was completely shocked, why a person/company wants to protect their presentation that is already presented publically while they are presenting an Open Source technology. Anyhow I googled about the problem & came to a work around i.e.

You can convert a Protected PDF to images using pdftoppm & then print them page by page, it is a bit hectic but it worked for me because they were just 9 pages.

the utility is in Fedora 8 yum repo, here we go :

$pdftoppm print-protected-pdf-file-name.pdf target-file-name

this will generate each page of pdf file as a separate image file with serial names e.g. target-file-name-01...02 & so on.

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