Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fedora Releases LifeCycle

I think you know Fedora has a fast release life cycle, many of Linux users take it negative, but believe me its *NOT*, when we take in-depth look of release life cycle, you will definitely like the way Fedora approach towards its release...lets start...we have two options:

1. Release a stable distro with longer life cycle.

This option is good & attract people who d'nt want to upgrade quickly to new version of distro, mostly people like Data Centers/Server Rooms Admins wants such kind of OS, now it suites them because they d'nt want to troubleshoot their hosted application compatibility with new version OS. I 100% agree with this school of thought *BUT* they will lack the new version features in their OS, with keeping old kernel version, sometime drivers unavailability/compatibility with new adopted hardware etc. So you keep a stable pretty old Kernel with old packages at a price of giving up new features & hardware compatibility...

The distribution comes under this scenario are, e.g. RHEL, Centos, Solaris etc...

2. Release a stable/unstable/development distro with shorter life cycle.

Getting a bleeding edge new version distro with stable *sometime* unstable & development, give you a hint of instability but you get all latest kernel & packages you can get. You get ride of the hardware compatibility problem, because day-by-day the Linux distribution are adding more & more drivers in their distributions....people like Developers & Researchers even *End Users* they wants to have a latest kernel with all brand new packages...

The distribution comes under this scenario are e.g. Fedora, Ubuntu etc...

Now going back to Fedora Releases LifeCycle:

The Fedora Project is committed to producing a new version approximately every 6 months, with each new release having a lifespan of approximately 13 months. This makes sense as if you wants to skip a release upgrade you can..., for example, right now i am using Fedora 8 on my notebook, this installation has been optimize too much & I am not fully prepared to move new Fedora 9, thats the reason I have decided to move directly to Fedora 10 at my notebook, while I will keep using Fedora 9 on my virtual-machine...

In Addition, this 13 month life Cycle means I will get Patch & Updates till I get Fedora 10 release, yeah could you imagine Fedora is taking care of your OS installation till you get two next releases...btw, 13 months is too much in current fast developing OS world, if you stay more out of upgrades you are left behind & it will cost *efforts* a lot to upgrade.

Cool ! i hope you now understand Fedora is subjected to what kind of audience, they d'nt limit fedora being used in Data Center *Production Environment* but yeah its not the best practice, while this bleeding edge Fedora release cycle end up with fairly stable RHEL/CentOS release.

Summary: If you are planning to use all brand new kernel & packages d'nt feel any kind of fear against using Fedora, they take you through a smooth, well acceptable OS life Cycle...

PS: you can always check Fedora's official annoucements for LifeCycle.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Abdus Salam made my future.

Today I will disclose a great secret that happened unintentionally between me & Dr. Abdus Salam , I think you need some historical background before we start the actual story. There are two entities in this post i.e.

1. Dr. Abdus Salam:

"Abdus Salam (Urdu: عبد السلام) (January 29, 1926; Santokdas, Sahiwal PunjabNovember 21, 1996; Oxford, England) was a Pakistani theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate in Physics for his work in Electro-Weak Theory. Salam, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg shared the prize for this discovery. Salam holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani Nobel Laureate, and is the first Muslim Nobel Laureate in science. The validity of the theory was ascertained through experiments carried out at the Super Proton Synchrotron facility at CERN in Geneva, particularly, through the discovery of the W and Z Bosons."

2. Nayyar Ahmad:

"Nayyar Ahmad, born 17 April 1978, Peshawar Pakistan. Did M.Sc Computer Science from Peshawar university, holds RHCE, CCNA, OCP DBA certifications. Currently working in Ministry of Finance, Mozambique."

Now from above abstract entities definitions you will find just one thing common i.e. Pakistan. Yeah you are right they both were born in Paksitan. Rest there is't any similarities between them.

I know you are now confused..."that how a person made my future only because he was born in same country..." I will appreciate your patience to bare the effort for reading this post till end...I am sure i have enough proofs to prove that what ever I am today is just because of Dr. Abdus Salam...

The Secret:

If you really really wants to know why I claimed that Dr. Abdus Salam made my future, then you must wait to read about me...Ok enough wait...lets move to core of this secret, "It was 1997, when I get passed F.Sc Pre-Engineering & tried to get admission in B.Sc Computer Science, There were many colleges offering this degree but due to financial limits I had to take admission in Govt. Superior Science College Peshawar, Pakistan. in fact that was the only real option I was left, & I still believe if I was't be able to get admission in this college I couldn't be IT Professional...."

If you quickly move to the Dr. Abdus Salam link, & read his Biography you will find a line saying: "He was also instrumental in setting up five Superior Science colleges throughout Pakistan to further the progress in science in the country."

There isn't any rocket science involve in this two paragraphs & I expect from you to quickly realize why I believe Dr. Abdus Salam made my future...I am not afraid to say that "what ever i am is just because of him".

The Thought: People, when they do something with good cause, the time they do it they d'nt know about its effects, it might happen the effects get started even after their death.

The Tribute: DR. Abdus Salam is First Pakistani & Muslim Scientist got Nobel Prize on his Scientific work, I will keep saying about his greatness till I quit this life...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Birthday !

Man I am not sure why this showing wrong date & time. But believe me its official all over the world 17th April 2008 :-|

Ok..Ok you wants to know why I am complaining about wrong date & time ! do you really think i ever care about such things yeah you are right "i never do care about date & time" hmm good question then why today? Should i tell you or you use your brain to guess what the hell happened today... do you need time to think about it? ohh come on you already took a lot of time, go ahead. make a guess...

No no man whats going in your head...ok let me give you a Hint, do you know Charles Darwin ? NO ! come on man you are completely dump...ok ok... go & read about him then continue with this post :-( you disappointed me a lot... so now after reading about Darwin you know why i gave his name in Hint ? you think i made a question on top of another question? do you think its un fair? ok i admit, you are right. let me continue with my explanation in fact Darwin believe in the Evolutionary theory so do i believe :-) "he believed that there is always a start of a thing" he made his theory for humans.

But d'nt you know there was a legend born on 17th April, he is still struggling to make his impression in this planet, he still think he has the imagination to think beyond the boundaries of this universe, he is still confuse why non of this planet species have recognized his powers ! or non of the legends were recognized in their time so he is facing the same. He still believe the brain & thinking power he has would be discover after thousands of years of his time...

I hope you now can guess who's birthday is today, if still confuse, Make sure you are completely dump & sneaky, take somebody to help you... i d'nt have time to explain further.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

US Visa

Monday morning was as boring as it could be...I was sitting in office's kitchen taking my tea with lemon, my phone started ringing, it's unique ring-tone gets every one intentions easily & I feel this annoying so i ran fast towards my cabin... The caller number was't in my address book, as soon as I picked call, the guy started speaking in Portuguese "Bom Dia Sr., por favor eu conseler de embessy de americana, hoje voce traser passporte" I said ok. if this quoted line is wrong in spell or you unable to understand, accept my apologies ;-)

In fact they guy was telling me to bring my passport to American Embassy, i quickly realize that Americans now accept me enough Noble person, who could be granted a visa to travel their country. Anyhow when I reached there they took my passport & said "you have to wait till we make your visa", so on Wednesday around 10.00hrs in morning i again arrived at US Embassy, after some initial security checks they asked passport delivery person to come & see me. That guy came & asked me just one question "your name please?" & went back, then just in 2 or 3 minutes later he arrived back with my passport, with a 5 years multiple business visa.

So now I am able to travel US, I would now plan either RHCA or OCM. lets see whats my next move.


Friday, April 11, 2008

I lived in the age of Ghalib

If you d'nt know Ghalib, please d'nt read this post. its too hard to understand what was he...

yeh laash-e-bekafan Asad-e-Khastah_jaaN ki hai
Haq maghfirat kare, ajab aazaad mard thha

I wish i would have born in his least after death people were able to say, "I lived in the age of Ghalib"...

PS: Its a fact that I read his whole "DEWAN-E-GHALIB"/"All Poetry Collection" when I was only 15 years old ;-)


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chá com limão

Do you think its hard for a person to understand what is the subject of this post? I d'nt think so :-) even if the guy is unable to understand he/she will find out later what is "Chá com limão"...

I remember the famous saying that "A cup of tea is a cup of tea." this sentence remains ok even if one modify it like, "A cup of tea with lemon is Chá com limão", if you d'nt know that I can read,write,speak Portuguese then please note it now, I really DO :-) so going back to the point, why I have used "Tea with lemon" Portuguese version, hmm let me go in depth of it...

When I arrived in Maputo I was reluctant to live like a Mozambican live...but soon I started getting fun in living like a Mozambican...I have made many many changes in my life style, the person who knows me before 7th December 2006, he/she must have noticed big changes in me, for them one more change,"I now take tea with lemon"...So still the secret is there, what is "Chá com limão" d'nt worry I will explain you how to make it...either note it on paper, or take your PC/Notebook to kitchen because you need to keep reading this post while you make it. here we go...


1. Water "Mandatory"
2. Tea Bag "Mandatory"
3. Sugar "Optional"
4. Lemon "Mandatory"

Ok, guys now as we know what we need, let sequence them all.


1. First you need to boil water, as much as you can drink.
2. Put Sugar as per your taste. "i d'nt take sugar"
3. Drop a tea bag, & wait till the water get brownish.
4. Cut a lemon & put as per your taste, I drink strong lemon tea.

Now the tea with lemon or "Chá com limão" is ready, you can serve it with snakes...


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10g RAC on Solaris 10

I just got the go ahead from Florencia about starting my dream project "implementing 10g RAC on Solaris 10" :) she is working to setup the infrastructure including shared disk etc... I hope till end of this week she will be able to finish things on her part. Of course then I will get a chance to rock the 10g RAC on Solaris.

I went through google & oracle docs, for getting a step-by-step for this task, even i have checked the Metalink resources as well, but I am afraid its not that easy to get such stuff :-( but am able to get some stuff that can help me to finish my task, keeping this exhaustive effort in view i am going to post all that material here, so that one could get all in one place, but please remember these remains with original authors copyrights (if any). i would definitely thank them for writing this all... here we go;

1. Oracle Docs released 10g RAC Installation Guide for Solaris 10
2. Sun Released 10 RAC insttaltion Guide for Solaris 10
3. General Understanding Guide for best practice 10g RAC with Solaris

PS: if above does nothing, d'nt forget to use 's #oracle "you even will find me there..." ;-)

I hope this will help you in your deployment.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brazilian Multi Million Assets Church

Today, I will write something religious :-), I just came to know yesterday about Igreja Universal they have two church in Maputo, where they put a price list, listing the problem against money you have to pay according to the problem you have, so that they pray for you & Jesus or sometime God will solve it for you.

Interestingly they have hired a money transfer vehicle service to transfer their daily/weekly collected money to Bank. Moreover you can easily find their marketing people on roads, bus stops ... they will ask you to visit the church to get ride of your problems... even though it has been questioned a lot in past about the money this church has earned, the owner of this COMPANY is still getting every week innocent $ :(

Things d'nt ends here, one of the IT Consulting Company's owner in Maputo has open a Church where he is, himself a preacher, again the church is Brazilian registered company, not sure he will follow the same business model or has something new...

I am not sure when these so called Muslim/Christ/Jews/... preachers will end draining innocent blood.

I am off.