Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10g RAC on Solaris 10

I just got the go ahead from Florencia about starting my dream project "implementing 10g RAC on Solaris 10" :) she is working to setup the infrastructure including shared disk etc... I hope till end of this week she will be able to finish things on her part. Of course then I will get a chance to rock the 10g RAC on Solaris.

I went through google & oracle docs, for getting a step-by-step for this task, even i have checked the Metalink resources as well, but I am afraid its not that easy to get such stuff :-( but am able to get some stuff that can help me to finish my task, keeping this exhaustive effort in view i am going to post all that material here, so that one could get all in one place, but please remember these remains with original authors copyrights (if any). i would definitely thank them for writing this all... here we go;

1. Oracle Docs released 10g RAC Installation Guide for Solaris 10
2. Sun Released 10 RAC insttaltion Guide for Solaris 10
3. General Understanding Guide for best practice 10g RAC with Solaris

PS: if above does nothing, d'nt forget to use 's #oracle "you even will find me there..." ;-)

I hope this will help you in your deployment.


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nayyares said...

I have posted my own step-by-step for RAC 10g R2 on Solaris 10, SPARC: