Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Birthday !

Man I am not sure why this showing wrong date & time. But believe me its official all over the world 17th April 2008 :-|

Ok..Ok you wants to know why I am complaining about wrong date & time ! do you really think i ever care about such things yeah you are right "i never do care about date & time" hmm good question then why today? Should i tell you or you use your brain to guess what the hell happened today... do you need time to think about it? ohh come on you already took a lot of time, go ahead. make a guess...

No no man whats going in your head...ok let me give you a Hint, do you know Charles Darwin ? NO ! come on man you are completely dump...ok ok... go & read about him then continue with this post :-( you disappointed me a lot... so now after reading about Darwin you know why i gave his name in Hint ? you think i made a question on top of another question? do you think its un fair? ok i admit, you are right. let me continue with my explanation in fact Darwin believe in the Evolutionary theory so do i believe :-) "he believed that there is always a start of a thing" he made his theory for humans.

But d'nt you know there was a legend born on 17th April, he is still struggling to make his impression in this planet, he still think he has the imagination to think beyond the boundaries of this universe, he is still confuse why non of this planet species have recognized his powers ! or non of the legends were recognized in their time so he is facing the same. He still believe the brain & thinking power he has would be discover after thousands of years of his time...

I hope you now can guess who's birthday is today, if still confuse, Make sure you are completely dump & sneaky, take somebody to help you... i d'nt have time to explain further.



Haroon Ahmad said...

Once a teacher asked a pupil, "do you know my age?".

pupil replied, "yes, 28"

teacher said with joy and amazement, "how do you know my exact age?";

puplil: "because my brother is 14 years old and he is half mad"

so after reading your this anarchic birthday post, I can guess your age too :)

sss said...

Dear Nayyer,
Many Many happy returns of the day.

Wish u best luck,
syed shah saud

sohaileo said...

Vadi Vadi Janam Din Mubarak Ho

Tusi dassa hi nahin :P Ae te haroon ne tashreeh kar ke bataya ke tuwada janam din ae :)

I ladu

Main kal tere paiso ki yahan pe chote ghost ki karahi kha lon.

khaire na austaad jee.

Tu tu paiso ki baat sochta hai.

aur chicken tu geedar ki khurak hai :D

tenu bohat bohat miss karna piya wan. :(

(k) muuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhh

nayyares said...

Boby, tujeh khaney ke ilawa dunia main koch sojta hey ya nahin?

wesay tavi ki yaad agai "yar tu, pesoon ki baat kerta hey" hahahhahah


smahendra said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

May all ur wishes come true :)

nayyares said...

Thank you very much :)


Anonymous said...

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