Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chá com limão

Do you think its hard for a person to understand what is the subject of this post? I d'nt think so :-) even if the guy is unable to understand he/she will find out later what is "Chá com limão"...

I remember the famous saying that "A cup of tea is a cup of tea." this sentence remains ok even if one modify it like, "A cup of tea with lemon is Chá com limão", if you d'nt know that I can read,write,speak Portuguese then please note it now, I really DO :-) so going back to the point, why I have used "Tea with lemon" Portuguese version, hmm let me go in depth of it...

When I arrived in Maputo I was reluctant to live like a Mozambican live...but soon I started getting fun in living like a Mozambican...I have made many many changes in my life style, the person who knows me before 7th December 2006, he/she must have noticed big changes in me, for them one more change,"I now take tea with lemon"...So still the secret is there, what is "Chá com limão" d'nt worry I will explain you how to make it...either note it on paper, or take your PC/Notebook to kitchen because you need to keep reading this post while you make it. here we go...


1. Water "Mandatory"
2. Tea Bag "Mandatory"
3. Sugar "Optional"
4. Lemon "Mandatory"

Ok, guys now as we know what we need, let sequence them all.


1. First you need to boil water, as much as you can drink.
2. Put Sugar as per your taste. "i d'nt take sugar"
3. Drop a tea bag, & wait till the water get brownish.
4. Cut a lemon & put as per your taste, I drink strong lemon tea.

Now the tea with lemon or "Chá com limão" is ready, you can serve it with snakes...



Sohail Akhtar said...

its sure........u r changed very..........and i really enjoy this "Cha com Limao" blog and lets c what happend i will try this i drink lemon tea but only "Qhewa" not with black tea..................opssssss lolz

smahendra said...

Hi there!

I can't really say if u have changed or not, as i've only known u since u became a true mozambican ;)

But let me tell you, there's nothing better than a "Chá com limão" to start a day!

P.S - If u prefer u can also use "Chá de Limão" instead of "Chá normal" for a stronger flavour :)