Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brazilian Multi Million Assets Church

Today, I will write something religious :-), I just came to know yesterday about Igreja Universal they have two church in Maputo, where they put a price list, listing the problem against money you have to pay according to the problem you have, so that they pray for you & Jesus or sometime God will solve it for you.

Interestingly they have hired a money transfer vehicle service to transfer their daily/weekly collected money to Bank. Moreover you can easily find their marketing people on roads, bus stops ... they will ask you to visit the church to get ride of your problems... even though it has been questioned a lot in past about the money this church has earned, the owner of this COMPANY is still getting every week innocent $ :(

Things d'nt ends here, one of the IT Consulting Company's owner in Maputo has open a Church where he is, himself a preacher, again the church is Brazilian registered company, not sure he will follow the same business model or has something new...

I am not sure when these so called Muslim/Christ/Jews/... preachers will end draining innocent blood.

I am off.

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