Wednesday, April 16, 2008

US Visa

Monday morning was as boring as it could be...I was sitting in office's kitchen taking my tea with lemon, my phone started ringing, it's unique ring-tone gets every one intentions easily & I feel this annoying so i ran fast towards my cabin... The caller number was't in my address book, as soon as I picked call, the guy started speaking in Portuguese "Bom Dia Sr., por favor eu conseler de embessy de americana, hoje voce traser passporte" I said ok. if this quoted line is wrong in spell or you unable to understand, accept my apologies ;-)

In fact they guy was telling me to bring my passport to American Embassy, i quickly realize that Americans now accept me enough Noble person, who could be granted a visa to travel their country. Anyhow when I reached there they took my passport & said "you have to wait till we make your visa", so on Wednesday around 10.00hrs in morning i again arrived at US Embassy, after some initial security checks they asked passport delivery person to come & see me. That guy came & asked me just one question "your name please?" & went back, then just in 2 or 3 minutes later he arrived back with my passport, with a 5 years multiple business visa.

So now I am able to travel US, I would now plan either RHCA or OCM. lets see whats my next move.


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