Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Pakistani Bug's life in Italy

On my trip to Italy i found thousand and thousand of Pakistani bugs in Italy wondering for their life settlement...but the Italian society has made them confused enough that they are truly aliens, they d'nt have roots and culture, they are half Italian half Pakistanis, most of rather few less all of Pakistani immigrants are working as labor for Italian industry , where the highest salary of such a person is ranging from 1000 - 1500 Euro per month, it depends how hard work is it the salary will raise not more then 100 or 200 Euro, but unfortunately non of them make it to cross that 1500 Euro limits, now for a Pakistani it is almost 120 thousand rupees that is more then enough to be called a well settled family in their natives. But non of the societies i.e. Pakistani who force them to migrate Italy for earning more and more or the Italian who brought them into their industry and paying just upto their need, that is explained later, realized his stressed and meaningless life...

Now if one has to find out the background of this strange decision (Italian immigration) "I am sure a non-Pakistani will never understand the myth..." you have to look out the situation of these aliens in Pakistan, here i will give you an idea i.e.

Most of the Pakistanis here are just Matric (10 grade) passed or even less, they belongs to poor families those can not make their impression in Pakistani unsettled and artificial society, where theft is considered as smartness, a person who just came out of school or still in school, who see his family struggling to eat n dress well, they have very few things to joy, those few includes (Eid, walking in streets, movies (most fun is adults one), gay-ship, or at the peak fucking call-girls(that a Pakistani reader will never accept but yeah its true) or a kind of same level of joy etc.)

So when they are in schools or even not going to schools but they are just teen agers they see their relativies or neighborers who's son/brother has moved to Italy and now they are so called settled family in words of mouth, he is inspired, from then he and his family tries to send him to Italy(Europe) now when they try calling and praising their relatives to take their son with him to Italy most of the people fail to do so, so at the end they have to take services of an illegal immigration consultants, those very easily available in Pakistan, today normal rate of a single head's illegal immigration is somewhere near 20,000USD, you can imagine how this money is going to be arranged by this poor family, most of the time they sell their agricultural lands or living house etc. while the actual cost of an illegal immigrant from consultant's/broker pocket is just not more than 100USD so you can imagine the level of earning here...

Now actual story starts when people pay their all to immigration consultant/broker... where a Pakistani Citizen become Pakistani Bug... i.e.

When such kind of a person reaches Italy, the immigration consultant/broker submit his case to labor department of Italy and ask candidate to wait till you get work permit, now problem the Bug (new immigrant) has no work permit and he has already given his all money to brokers he needs to work, so he try to find an illegal work place where he can get small amount of money against his work, sometime the payment of such work is even less then 4 to 5 hundred Euros a month, while broker ask Bug to live his life on his own, means Bug has to arrange a living room(mostly shared by as many as room can accupy), he need telephone connection, he also might need to eat two or even one time...if you have an idea regarding expenses in Europe you could imagine the situation this new Bug has created for himself. Now the situation goes worst when he came to know that labor department of Italy may take a year or so to grant him work permit (Big Bang), he find himself in a situation where he cant even complaint about his status/life/etc.

Italian labour Department with the help of those fake broker in real fuckup this Bug....

According to one of senior immigration consultant/broker there are around 300 to 350 thousand of such Pakistani Bugs in Italy waiting for their chance to endup with legal work permit, now you will amaze when you come to know that even if the Bug gets legal work permit after 2 or 3 years in normal cases, he even then is just able to earn 1000 to 1200 Euro a month, that give him a chance to live below standard life while save just around 2 to 3 hundred Euros a month to send them back in support of his family.

I have seen more than few dozen myself such Bugs that they are still working to make enough money to visit Pakistan (their home) even after 10 years of struggle...

would you mind to be a Pakistani Bug in Italy ?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Blade Servers Solution Diagram

Here we go... you are now seeing my new proposed design for Blade Server based data center, the design is more likely be implemented in our data center, where we will integrates the old rack mounted servers with new Blade Solution.

In the image you will find two chesses, in my proposed design Blade Chesses B is a backup/standby of Blade Chesses A. It was our requirement one can change accordingly !


Ghost bump my car !

I was enjoying my Honda and was thinking that no body in town has a fine (scratch less) Honda like me, then suddenly last week i came office and parked my car in front of office building, it was the safest place i could find in this world.... but when i went out with Atanasia to show her few cars in one of my friend's show room i saw a big dent in right back door, exactly in middle of it....uffff !

No body claim till yet that this is who that broke my heart :-( initially i was thinking to scream on road and bash all our security guards, but in fact its not their fault... i should be parking inside laziness made a big dent in my lovely Honda's back door.

PS: if that guy (The Ghost) read my blogs, please at least inform me about his act, otherwise i will keep believing that it was a Ghost who bump it !

Sad endings....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Planning is more important then struggling !

Keeping all my life experience in view I came to conclusion that planning is more important then struggling (Hard-Work), as if you are a hard worker but you are unable to guide yourself to a proper direction you will end up with a big looser... ! while if you are a very good planner who can always make proper plan to achieve his/her goal no mater if you have less motivation in hard work, but you are in right direction and will end up success full...!

Here I can easily conclude that the best person who has higher chance of success in his life would be the one who work for his plan :-). I always try to be a planned person still sometime i am out of plan...!

I have a lot to write in support of my conclusion but I think there is'nt any confusion so will save my typing effort , that shows I am less hard worker, but a good planner :-D

Friday, September 21, 2007

JBoss & JRockit cluster on Centos/RHEL 4.4 using VMware

After a week of continuous R&D on JBoss 4.2.1 and JRockit 5.0-27.3 cluster on Centos/RHEL 4.4 using VMware Virtual Machines, it is published today, I have posted it on documentation page, so that people can get hold of it.

Check out Link

I am really happy about this publication as it is my first on

Friday, August 31, 2007

Oracle RAC Workshop with vmware virtual machines.

On Monday Estelio and i decided to start workshop at 2.00pm to 5.00pm it was acceptable for me because i got all the day to prepare myself for presentation, SISTAFE guys are very cool, they all wants to learn and i am having good time with them, we were expecting to finish workshop in three days but when we started with workshop we took a lot of time in discussion and on second day Estelio told me that we can take this workshop to full week, so i thought one week is more better as i will get more time to discuss things with them. But as we have selected VMware virtual machines and its shared disk features on Linux, i found many problems while working on the manuals for this workshop, some time very stupid behaviors, and at the end of the day i assume the error might be due virtualization :-D

But today which was suppose to be the last day of workshop strange things happened, when i started oracle clusterware on virtual machine it as initially showing me that installer is going to be launched but soon virtual machine turned off :-D i did my all tricks and tips but did't made it. so i though might be due to low RAM in machine which although 1GB, i asked Florencia to arrange 1GB more so that i can increased machine's memory and test whether installer lanches o not !

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kingdom of Swaziland Trip.

I got Swaziland visa in April this year, but i was not getting chance to travel there, even though i have heard a lot about its peace and natural land scape, i was not getting enough chance , especially when Waseem went to Pakistan i thought i will never be able to visit Swaziland, my visit was closely associated with him as he has business in Swaziland and Mozambique so he is always traveling between these two countries, as it is almost 3 to 4 hrs. drive between two countries so he make a trip almost after every two weeks, this month he told me that you have to go with me, as i am very new in SISTAFE so it is really easy for me to get a day or two leave, so i told my team lead (Bernardo) about it and asked him to give me Friday leave so i will get a long weekend and will be able to travel Swaziland.

So on Thursday i left office around 1400hrs and came home, i and Waseem took lunch together, as it was planned that we will start traveling at 1500hrs and will reach Swaziland in evening, so that we will get full Friday and Saturday, while we were thinking to come back on Saturday evening so that we can play Cricket Match on Sunday and can take rest as Monday is Monday :D , but when i reach home to take lunch and start journey, i saw Liaqut is also at home, he is my best friend , he came to see off me !

After lunch we went to Tanveer Shah's money exchange office, we stayed there for about 30min. as waseem was trying to exchange some dollars against Rand (South Africa currency) which also used in Swaziland.

So it Begins:

We started from Maputo to Namasha Boarder (Swaziland), it is almost one and half hours drive from Maputo, while going to Namasha Boarder, one have to pass from many romantic places, when we passed out Maputo, and were driving on Motola highway, Waseem told me that he need to fill some petrol in car, he told me that there is almost three Rand/ half dollars difference in Mozambique and Swaziland Petrol Prices, Mozambique is expensive, so he just wanted to have around 5 litters in Motola, while he will full tank in Swaziland, now when we reached Petrol Pump Station, i went to inside shop and bought few juices and potato chips ;-) as soon as we started again, i thought we should change the music tape in car. Initially we were listening to Lata (Indian Legendary Singer), but her songs were very low mod songs, that was making me sad, which i never wanted to , because it was my first trip to Swaziland. So i asked Waseem about the decision and he agreed :-p , after then i have to select the tapes present in car, suddenly i came with movie songs , those were song my Udath (Indian Playback Singer).
what else i wanted at that time, i suddenly placed it in recorder and started listening him. It was then almost 16.00hrs and sun was going down, while we were driving in the hills of Namasha, so it was creating very very cool atmospheres, suddenly Waseem told me that this cassette was gifted by his Girl Friend, She is a Pakistani girl live in Gujrat, Pakistan and Waseem beside he is married he is dating her ;-) for too long, and this cassette gave him memories of his last date when he came here. Then he started telling me the details and events happened with them when he was on last date with her in Marry Pakistan. We were talking on different issue, when suddenly reached to Namasha Boarder, It was my first time on Swaziland boarder so i was a bit hesitated as the immigration people from Mozambique are mostly very problematic. We went in together to immigration people and started filling the departure form, the guy did'nt asked any thing and stamped our passport, Waseem ran to the next counter where he was about to make his car traveling documents. After which we entered to Swaziland immigration counter, where we filled again the form and i asked for a 5 days entry on visa, which they gave me without any problem, and then we started again !

Swaziland's roads are very well maintained we were driving fast in small hills, and while watching the romantic natural beauty of Swaziland, while listening Udath...! suddenly the area came where Swaziland Natural Park exists, where one can see Lion, Bulls, Cows Monkeys etc. I suddenly saw a very tinny monkey he was running from one tree to another, as it was a bit late and due to the dark we were unable to see much of the animals, Waseem was driving fast, as he told me we will get late if continue with this speed.

Soon we reached to Menzini the one of the two big cities in Swaziland, there we went first to Ijaz Shah house, took dinner and then went to meet Omar and Sahi saab, we came late at Ijaz Shah home, it was Friday night and we were very tired, so went to sleep quickly, then on Friday morning we went to meet few guys in Mbabane Capital of Swaziland, and came in after noon to Sahi saab house where we took lunch and i went to Menzini market where i was searching for some paint/shirts, but they quickly closed as 1800hrs is the closing time for all markets in Swaziland, after then we were wondering around while we took dinner at Ijaz Shah house, and we were talking each other till late night, while watching Dil Lagi movie with Imran and Wasif Shah, on Saturday Morning i decide to go back, but before that Waseem told me that i have to speak with Sahi saab regarding some business deal, so i went to market to buy some polo shirts and jeans while he went to speak with Sahi, then we both together went to Sahi saab house where we took lunch and started our journey for Maputo back.

It was really a fun to see the well organized small Kingdom of Swaziland.

Friday, August 17, 2007

New Job and Solaris + Jboss experience

Mrs, Anilza helped me to quit from, Anilza is very kind to me and even she was my Operational Manager she always helped me right from begging, i will never forget her, i was tired of being cilix's data center consultant, the post was very tense and non-technical, after working eight months in the company , finally one day i went to anilza and told her that i want to quit from this job, while Jutay already told me about SISTAFE (Ministry of Finance, Mozambique) is looking for Jboss cluster admin, i was thinking to move there, unexpectedly she told me that Nayyar i will help you to quit before contract finish with cilix, it was a green signal for me, i made a move with Miguel (IT Director, SISTAFE), on Jboss Admin post, finally within ten days i was able to join on 1st of August 2007, it was my first day, while my salary is now increased 100% and i am having fun working in a big setup with lots of cool system admins/ Java Developers.

Initially i was expecting Jboss Cluster Administration a very tough task but it was not that much, i have five node Jboss production cluster, running on Solaris 9, while i have same setup for testing and training environment, When i started working on the servers i came to know that Jboss is one of the Redhat owned product which is not properly documented, and there is alot to do in this domain, i think if redhat wants to get Jboss project really good, they need to work on its documentation, IRC's freenode channel is also almost dead channel, very few logins and they are not that alive there, by reading the features of Jboss, i am dam sure that it is the future of AS in linux/unix but the biggest threat might be the documentation.

I took Friday leave last week to visit Kingdom of Swazi Land, it was fun , i will blog it in my next entry, this week i was having savior pain in my eyes, and today when i met eye specialist he told me that you need to use glasses while working on computer, so from Monday i will start doing so. my eye side is a bit weak now, especially left one.