Thursday, November 8, 2007

Planning is more important then struggling !

Keeping all my life experience in view I came to conclusion that planning is more important then struggling (Hard-Work), as if you are a hard worker but you are unable to guide yourself to a proper direction you will end up with a big looser... ! while if you are a very good planner who can always make proper plan to achieve his/her goal no mater if you have less motivation in hard work, but you are in right direction and will end up success full...!

Here I can easily conclude that the best person who has higher chance of success in his life would be the one who work for his plan :-). I always try to be a planned person still sometime i am out of plan...!

I have a lot to write in support of my conclusion but I think there is'nt any confusion so will save my typing effort , that shows I am less hard worker, but a good planner :-D

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مصطفے قاسم said...

hah .. I've the same situation with me .. but I wish if I can become a hard worker so, can achieve more then where I am today.