Friday, November 16, 2007

Ghost bump my car !

I was enjoying my Honda and was thinking that no body in town has a fine (scratch less) Honda like me, then suddenly last week i came office and parked my car in front of office building, it was the safest place i could find in this world.... but when i went out with Atanasia to show her few cars in one of my friend's show room i saw a big dent in right back door, exactly in middle of it....uffff !

No body claim till yet that this is who that broke my heart :-( initially i was thinking to scream on road and bash all our security guards, but in fact its not their fault... i should be parking inside laziness made a big dent in my lovely Honda's back door.

PS: if that guy (The Ghost) read my blogs, please at least inform me about his act, otherwise i will keep believing that it was a Ghost who bump it !

Sad endings....

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