Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What ! you want to learn Portuguese...you really do?...& you need my help to learn this...you thought i would give you the secret...the way i did? man, come on how can i tell you, how i learned, hmm, d'nt insist i really can't tell you directly, the problem is that, i hold a noble character in few eyes :D

Ok...d'nt go out crazy, i will give you two options what ever you select...

1. Hard without fun:

For this way you don't need to be inside a Portuguese speaking country, you can learn by taking admission in a Language training center, where you can learn the basics of this language, even can get some nice conversation session, where you can practice your language expertize...I myself tried this one when i reached Maputo, but it was not working for me :( i am not sure if it works for you...

2. Easy with fun:

Make a Mozambican girl friend who can hardly understand English, so initially you starts with just telling her something with hands moves...sometime she will pick your English words...even sometime you would be able to understand a 5% of her speech she do :*

This way is too fast in learning with pleasure, most of (upto 99.99%) Pakistanis & Indians in Mozambique do try this...i am sure a positive result after trying it. This option has a side-effect just as explained below...


Director told the secretary: We will travel outside for one week, make preparations for the journey!

The secretary made a call to her husband: I will travel outside with my Director for one week. See you.

The husband call for the lover: My wife going to travel for one week, we will spend the week together, my love !

She call for a lover boy to whom she gives tution: I have a lot of work next week will not come for class.

The boy calls his grandfather: next week I have no lessons, my teacher will be busy, We will spend the week together

The grandfather (who is director) to secretary : I will spend next week with my grandson, we can not participate in that meeting. Cancel the trip.

The secretary to her husband: Next week my manager has much work, we cancel the traveling.

The husband call for the lover: We can not spend the next week together, my wife trip is canceled.

She call lover boy for the classes: This Week we will have classes as usual.

The boy calls his grandfather: my teacher said that I have classes this week. Excuse me, i w't be able to give you company.

The grandfather to secretary: Do not worry, next week we will participate in that meeting.

Continue with it....!


Monday, June 2, 2008

Robbers d'nt keep email accounts

It was a time when i was regularly watching ZAVIA an Ashfaq Ahmad hosted youth show, where he was using his own created stories to give thoughts & up to some level solutions for complex Pakistani society & Islamic misconception problems...I am witness of this great show, & in fact proud to say that i was able to understand & implement his thoughts...

In one of ZAVIA episode he clearly mentioned that Pakistan has been mainly looted by Educated Pakistanis...he gave many examples i.e. Army Officers, Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Managers ...all of these profession has very well educated employees & there has been a history of their corruption that today have brought Pakistan to a complete disaster situation...The Uneducated citizens like plumber, technicians, mechanics, labour .... they has been the victims of Pakistani Educated society...Yeah i am agreed with his claim, But there are some exceptional cases like a recent incident in Maputo..."what !!! you want to know about the incident, ok...just wait few minutes...its coming..."

I am sure Gen. Pervaz Musharaf, was very regular audient of Ashfaq Ahmad's show, he claimed that Pakistan is mainly looted by Politicians those are 100% illiterate "I d'nt wants to use Uneducated, because, Politicians are not Uneducated class, they represent illiterates" then why Ashfaq Ahmad did'nt mentioned that there is a class of Uneducated citizens those were involve in looting Pakistan.

Now what happened, he made a decision that now after to fight in election a candidate must be at least Graduate :-p No..No d'nt laugh at him...he did that by making amendments in the constitution of Pakistan. Uff what a relief...so most of Uneducated politicians were sent home...but Gen. Musharaf did't thought about illiterate those are Graduate :D like Dr. Amir Liaqut...Chohdris...Bilors...etc...

Ok..enough context...i hope now you understand what is Educated & Uneducated difference...& what kind of problems they can cause for you...yeah you are educated because you are reading this blog..Ok so according to Ashfaq Ahmad you are the most threatening class for Pakistan future, but what about following incident...

Last week Monday Morning i came office with very lazy feet, ohh you thought i was ill, No..No just tired, because at Sunday night i was watching an old Indian Movie...& went late
for sleep... So as usual i started reading Gmail's received emails...did'nt found any great news except Haroon's (little brother) email regarding some plot purchase stuff...later as according to my habit i went to check office emails...after checking few of them i found an announcement email, that was sent by one of our colleague to everyone with a request to forward to all our address book's email account...do you wants to know what was written in this announcement? No...No it was not that kind of...? what happened to you? i already told you it was an announcement...ok d'nt explain me further...thanks, it was basically an Alert email about few Robbers in Maputo town...! wait...wait, d'nt run...man..first read my post then shelter yourself.

So the email was an Alert regarding a 4 guys group of Robbers in town, they Robbed a 16 years girl by stoping their car in front of her & offer her a lift to certain place, when she accepted to sit with them they robbed her & some people say even have abused her...later thrown out of car on a place...due to the serious nature of the issue, our colleague requested us to inform your children that please d'nt take lift from unknown people...many including me forwarded this email to all of our address book...

But what happened on very next day...she sent another email that even though my email was forwarded to many people same group has robbed another 15 years girl..she wrote email like this...

"The 4 guys were driving on road they went near to a 15 years school girl asked, where are you going she replied i am going to Motola, they said we are also going there, we can give you lift...she said...No i can't sit in your car, because my Mom received an email regarding few Robbers in town those offer lift to young girls & later robbe them...One of the robbers...probably the leader replied to girl, My Dear, Robbers d'nt keep email accounts, so we do...we were not awared of the this email Alert so we came out today for our job, now please enter our car, because we are hungry...did't ate since last night, i promise you...tomorrow we will do something else to buy bread..."