Tuesday, June 17, 2008


What ! you want to learn Portuguese...you really do?...& you need my help to learn this...you thought i would give you the secret...the way i did? man, come on how can i tell you, how i learned, hmm, d'nt insist i really can't tell you directly, the problem is that, i hold a noble character in few eyes :D

Ok...d'nt go out crazy, i will give you two options what ever you select...

1. Hard without fun:

For this way you don't need to be inside a Portuguese speaking country, you can learn by taking admission in a Language training center, where you can learn the basics of this language, even can get some nice conversation session, where you can practice your language expertize...I myself tried this one when i reached Maputo, but it was not working for me :( i am not sure if it works for you...

2. Easy with fun:

Make a Mozambican girl friend who can hardly understand English, so initially you starts with just telling her something with hands moves...sometime she will pick your English words...even sometime you would be able to understand a 5% of her speech she do :*

This way is too fast in learning with pleasure, most of (upto 99.99%) Pakistanis & Indians in Mozambique do try this...i am sure a positive result after trying it. This option has a side-effect just as explained below...


Director told the secretary: We will travel outside for one week, make preparations for the journey!

The secretary made a call to her husband: I will travel outside with my Director for one week. See you.

The husband call for the lover: My wife going to travel for one week, we will spend the week together, my love !

She call for a lover boy to whom she gives tution: I have a lot of work next week will not come for class.

The boy calls his grandfather: next week I have no lessons, my teacher will be busy, We will spend the week together

The grandfather (who is director) to secretary : I will spend next week with my grandson, we can not participate in that meeting. Cancel the trip.

The secretary to her husband: Next week my manager has much work, we cancel the traveling.

The husband call for the lover: We can not spend the next week together, my wife trip is canceled.

She call lover boy for the classes: This Week we will have classes as usual.

The boy calls his grandfather: my teacher said that I have classes this week. Excuse me, i w't be able to give you company.

The grandfather to secretary: Do not worry, next week we will participate in that meeting.

Continue with it....!



smahendra said...

O director disse à secretária: Vamos viajar para o exterior por uma semana, faça os preparativos da viagem!

A secretária faz uma chamada para o marido: Vou viajar a para o exterior com o meu director por uma semana. Cuida-te.

O marido liga para a amante: Minha mulher vai viajar para o exterior por uma semana, então nós vamos passar a semana juntos, meu docinho!

A amante liga para um menino a quem ela dá aulas de explicação: Tenho muito trabalho próxima semana não precisas vir às aulas.

O menino liga para o seu avô: Vô, na próxima semana não tenho aulas, a minha professora estará ocupada. Vamos passar a semana juntos.

O avô (que é o director) liga para a secretária: Vou passar a próxima semana com o meu neto, não poderemos participar naquele encontro. Cancele a viagem.

A secretária liga para o marido: A próxima semana o meu director tem muito trabalho, cancelámos a viagem..

O marido liga para a amante: Não poderemos passar a próxima semana juntos, a viagem da minha mulher foi cancelada.

A amante liga para o menino das aulas de explicação: Esta semana vamos ter aulas como normalmente.

O menino liga para o avô: Vô, a minha professora disse que esta semana tenho aulas. Desculpe-me, não vai dar para fazer-lhe companhia.

O avô liga para a sua secretária: Não se preocupe, na próxima semana vamos participar naquele encontro. Continue com os preparativos.


nayyares said...

Yeah, it was extracted from this Joke :p

xaqubz said...

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