Friday, August 17, 2007

New Job and Solaris + Jboss experience

Mrs, Anilza helped me to quit from, Anilza is very kind to me and even she was my Operational Manager she always helped me right from begging, i will never forget her, i was tired of being cilix's data center consultant, the post was very tense and non-technical, after working eight months in the company , finally one day i went to anilza and told her that i want to quit from this job, while Jutay already told me about SISTAFE (Ministry of Finance, Mozambique) is looking for Jboss cluster admin, i was thinking to move there, unexpectedly she told me that Nayyar i will help you to quit before contract finish with cilix, it was a green signal for me, i made a move with Miguel (IT Director, SISTAFE), on Jboss Admin post, finally within ten days i was able to join on 1st of August 2007, it was my first day, while my salary is now increased 100% and i am having fun working in a big setup with lots of cool system admins/ Java Developers.

Initially i was expecting Jboss Cluster Administration a very tough task but it was not that much, i have five node Jboss production cluster, running on Solaris 9, while i have same setup for testing and training environment, When i started working on the servers i came to know that Jboss is one of the Redhat owned product which is not properly documented, and there is alot to do in this domain, i think if redhat wants to get Jboss project really good, they need to work on its documentation, IRC's freenode channel is also almost dead channel, very few logins and they are not that alive there, by reading the features of Jboss, i am dam sure that it is the future of AS in linux/unix but the biggest threat might be the documentation.

I took Friday leave last week to visit Kingdom of Swazi Land, it was fun , i will blog it in my next entry, this week i was having savior pain in my eyes, and today when i met eye specialist he told me that you need to use glasses while working on computer, so from Monday i will start doing so. my eye side is a bit weak now, especially left one.

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