Friday, August 31, 2007

Oracle RAC Workshop with vmware virtual machines.

On Monday Estelio and i decided to start workshop at 2.00pm to 5.00pm it was acceptable for me because i got all the day to prepare myself for presentation, SISTAFE guys are very cool, they all wants to learn and i am having good time with them, we were expecting to finish workshop in three days but when we started with workshop we took a lot of time in discussion and on second day Estelio told me that we can take this workshop to full week, so i thought one week is more better as i will get more time to discuss things with them. But as we have selected VMware virtual machines and its shared disk features on Linux, i found many problems while working on the manuals for this workshop, some time very stupid behaviors, and at the end of the day i assume the error might be due virtualization :-D

But today which was suppose to be the last day of workshop strange things happened, when i started oracle clusterware on virtual machine it as initially showing me that installer is going to be launched but soon virtual machine turned off :-D i did my all tricks and tips but did't made it. so i though might be due to low RAM in machine which although 1GB, i asked Florencia to arrange 1GB more so that i can increased machine's memory and test whether installer lanches o not !

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