Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Converting ogg to mp3 on Fedora 8

Carla last night gave me Moz Top chart audio cd, I left notebook at office so today morning I tried to copy them to my iPod, when I tried to extract songs from audio cd using

k3b -> tools -> Rip Audio Cd

it extracted all songs in .ogg extension, but iPod is not able to play .ogg files I found a very nice tiny application in Fedora 8's yum repo, SOUNDCONVERTER, that can convert .ogg to mp3 & other formates. I just did,

$yum install soundconverter
I then edit the soundconverternt type files type by,

soundconverter -> edit -> preferences -> in "result type tag" check mp3a"Convert " button.
e rest.

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