Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poem, for Qazi Muhammad Ahkam.

I am nowhere near to poetry, i am self admitted idiot to this field, though i can't stop myself to write a poem for him. He has a great impact in my life, one can imagine what force me to write my ever first poem :)

i hope he will like it too!

inspiration that you made to me
is the objective of life to me

i do all to get until you
you are always ahead of me

you were a source of light to me
i found you all, in me

Khizar has a presence to me
if it's true, it is you to me.

[1] Khizar: the angel, considered to help or bring God's blessings...
[2] Qazi Muhammand Ahkam: he is my best teacher, taught me Physics & life & motivation... :)



Haroon Ahmad said...

simple and straight forward poem. As Bruce Lee once said, "simple is beautiful" so I would say it is simple and beautiful.

sheena said...

hi nayyyar...!

very nice try towards poetry...

"simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" so in ma opinion its a sophisticated effort from you... :)


its simple, precise but it means alot, alot and alot for the one who is there in ur words.


Khush Dil Khan said...

sipmply cha gaye ho sir jee...
this show your love and respect for sir. Qazi
We are so proud that we still have blessing of such great teachers. the inspiration you have for your teacher we have the same for you.

nayyares said...

following is the email he sent after reading my post :)

Dear Nayyer you know, your love and respect for me is an everlasting peace. I am thankful to you for this. It?s truly a thing of beauty, as Keats has written;
A thing of beauty,
Is a joy forever,
Its loveliness increases,
It will never.

May Allah gives you progress and peace in your life,
Best Wishes,
Qazi Ahkam