Monday, December 14, 2009

A hundred years age of unix/oracle admin

since i am a bit off workload these days, so i usually feel lazy, i know you are thinking, its pretty natural :) anyhow, i told one of my colleague about my feeling & laziness, she out of the box gave me a really bright idea, "Nayyar, when you are down & lazy, try to follow your feelings, do exact your heart is telling you..." it seems pretty ordinary statement, but actually it is not!

so yesterday i started thinking what exactly my heart feels, and i found myself more confused, can you tell me what exactly your heart wants to do? i mean it is really complex, if you try to search your feelings & try to refine what exactly is your desire, you will suddenly find yourself more confused rather clueless...After a while i got a tiny feeling about my profession, what exact i should do ? can you answer this? is it easy to tell anyone what exactly you are suppose to do? puff again confusing...

after few hours, i started to think on my career history and tried to find what exact i adore to do! and surprisingly i found that me, i mean Nayyar, i mean me :) like to be Guile program :-| ok! you d'nt know about guile then please read it...

my first encounter with guile was in 2005, when zeenix gave me a few minutes intro, but i got stock into guile badly, even during my MS second semester, we had to submit final project, i asked Dr. Lutfullah & Zeenix about ideas on guile project, though only zeenix sent me, this (His) project wish-list, as a matter of fact there were quite a few projects, but i selected XML-RPC binding project, and soon after that i prepared so called this project proposal which lately was submitted to Shahid Nawaz, he was our supervisor in MS Projects.

at that time zeenix left for Karachi (Pakistan), so it was hard to get hold of him, i somehow find myself hopeless in start of this project, as no one at Peshawar (Pakistan) was able to teach/help/program guile and it became really hard to get time from my busy schedule to do my own research on guile...during guile intro zeenix told me about #guile at if you never have been in then you should feel ashamed :-| ... so i started getting into #guile and spending everyday few hours in this chatroom, talking to people, mostly "wingo, rotty & zeenix himself..." with the time i got several good source of learning guile such as,

1. guile ebook - (it is not complete though really interesting and helpful)
2. guile/scheme/lisp video lectures - (Excellent stuff from MIT)
3. #guile itself.
4. if you know any other, please let me know, i will add here ;)

so yesterday, i thought to poke all those folks at #guile and logged in there, check below

i was lucky to find wingo & zeenix both online and did a small chat :)

Later i confesses at #guile "hacking guile for a week is hundred years life of a unix/oracle admin ;)"



sahar mehreen said...

nice sharing.. practice makes one is the case with practiced and got self made body of knowledge...

now keep this hundered year life shinig.. :)

Haroon Ahmad said...

well, I basically disagree with how you are comparing guile with oracle and unix etc. In fact, every field has its own charm. If you are a java programmer you cannot dis PHP and a PHP programmer cannot call Java programmer an idiot. A few days back, I asked Zeenix (zeeshan bhai) on FB very politely a general programming question, as I used to ask from Shahid Nawaz etc and in reply he said something that really hurt me (php-wanna be developers) like he thinks that every php programmer just wishes to be a developer and he is not. How disrespectful is this. You can have liking and disliking but you cannot push it on somebody in this bold way. You always need to remember a fundamental Data Structure rule "something can be information for you, which is data for another and vice versa"

we need to see the world with different people windows to really enjoy the scenery and to understand all colours of the spectrum.

and I hope on some stage zeeshan bhai will read your blog lol this is why I am indirectly registering my protest against his every hurting reply.