Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ultrasound aur Molvi

When I was in Metric (10th grade), we were introduced to mathematical theorems, most of them were really boring & were passing by my head, but somehow i remembered few of them, not complete text ofcourse :) but at least the idea behind or the results... some of them are really interesting and amazing.

for example, two diagonal line will have always same angle on opposite sides.

i.e. in figure a=b & c=d , is't it interesting ?

there was another one, which is really interesting i.e.

Two parallel line will never colloid each other :)

this is really interesting, in our surrounding you will observe it in everyday happening, if two things are in parallel they have no chance to colloid, if and only if they keep themselves parallel.

i remember my childhood days, when we were use to go for Juma(Friday) Prayers & were listening to our Molvi's speech on several issues, he was sometime very scientific as he turn his speech direction to science & Islam, most of the time he was proving that what science is saying is exactly according to Islam, to consolidate his arguments, he was mostly giving us examples.

such as, drinking water in Islamic way, sleeping, fasting etc... as a matter of fact, there are many :)

But sometimes he become really annoyed with scientist around the world and he was saying about "What science CANNOT achieve", then his speech became more interesting because he was use to explain several issue where scientist were hopeless at that time.

The most frequently used example was "Baby Gender detection, before birth" he was use to say us, look innocent muslims...all these scientist are working on many big inventions, they even went in space & moon, but they are still unable to detect baby's gender before it's birth!

This is true at that time we were really amazed by his example...and most of the Juma (Friday) prayer crowd was praising his knowledge & way of convincing us towards religion.

But what happen just few years after, science & scientist were able to detect baby's gender through Ultrasound technology, even more they now reached to a technology level, where through medical exams they can even predict the baby's abilities & disabilities, beyond that they are now producing human organs & test tube babies, genetic engineering is a known field to everyone...

This is fact, that his example was not reference from any authentic Islamic book, it was his own perception about science & he just without giving it a second thought threw to us, but what happen next, he disturbed people's belief with his own false statements, now imagine what a person of that time will think about Islam, did Scientist proved Islam is wrong? or Islam is outdated ? or even Islam has nothing to do with science ?

keep in mind that this statement was widely used in Islam & Science lectures throughout Pakistan and it was very popular argument among Molvi Hazrat.

i wish our Molvlies should take some time and think about mathematical laws, if you are parallel you have no chance of collision.



sahar mehreen said...

but i wud like to point one thing here...even now science is producing babied outside the wombs in the lab apparatuses but yet they start from the very unit cell made by ALLAH ALMIGHTY.. they just grow the cultured cells... they are unable to invent a single cell.. :)

regarding following someone i wud say *its good to keep ur headlights on while traelling on the roads someone is showing you to go...*


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huzaifa said...

Dear Nayyar
For the first time i am here to comment on your blog regarding the knowledge of todays maulvies the subject "Ultrasound aur Molvi"
this is the misconception about that science is in a position to uncover the hiden truths.Allah the almighty and the creater of all knows the sex of a baby and now a days science also knows that. this is the incomplete story that mulana describe in the jumma prayer.i think actual story strats from here wher maulana finished.
no one knows about the child when he or she comes into this world that he is a good human being or bad for the society or he will become prophet muhammad s.a.w or abu jehal or a alexender the great or changaiz khan ,hitler or mausulini.akber or ghandi,quaid e azam or iqbal no one knows but the almighty Allah who knows every characterstics of a personality that tha Allah has created.

nayyares said...

@Sahar, the kind of challenge you made about embryo production, is same as Mulana made about baby's gender detection at that time, this is the reason i said, we should not bring our beliefs in line of science, as it has been proved several times that all those claims were made by religious regime were proven wrong lately, i guess we need to be in parallel lines with science and appreciate what it discover... regarding DNA production, i hope you heard about new research on Ribosome - it has been decoded & protine lab production is now quite possible, so who knows when embryo?...

@Hamid, i appreciate your comment on this post, while you made a good point about mulana claim, though i fear it is not as simple as you wrote, i.e.

for instance if i admit that God decided what one has to be after his/her birth, then you just took off the human factor, i mean then if one has been chosen to be bad guy, what is his sin to follow the line his God has decided ? or even if God has decided about someone to be a noble or even famous person, where is his greatness to follow what his God already wrote in his fate ?

my primary objective of this post was to clear a point on religious regime's claims against science, if one study history of such claims, most of them were broken soon after they were made. in my opinion we should stay parallel to science and accept what it brings to us.