Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Musa Khan caste theory

It has been several years i am out of Pakistan, but still, sometimes i get stuck in my past, as once Qazi Ahkam (my best teacher) said about Mirza Ghalib poetry, "tum Ghalib koo aaj perloo aur kai saloon baad jub koi waqia hoga tab tum uss key sath Ghalib ki shayari ko mansoob karoogay, tu tum phir uss key sher ka maza logay" english "you read Ghalib's poetry today & you will understand it several years after when something will happen and you will related Ghalib's poetry to that event & will enjoy!"

I never understood Qazi Akham statement until i recalled Ghalib's ghalaz famous line "Khaaq main kia soratain hongi key pinha hongai..." i realized his greatness when i came to know about death of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, then Dr. Ghulam Murtaza and then Guljee...it might be continuing, so as soon as someone of such caliber leave us, i just recall Ghalib's misra "Khaaq main kia soratain hongi key pinha hongai..."

coming back quickly to Musa Khan...let me introduce him,

- Musa Khan was unofficial accountant of Haji Jamsher Khan at Khyber Medical Center (NWFP biggest private hospital at that time)
- Musa Khan did Metric in 1937 under British held India.
- Musa Khan was from same village as Haji Jamsher Khan.
- Musa Khan was not sure about his age, but you can imagine he was my colleague in 1999-2002.
- Musa Khan was really intelligent person, and was handling millions of dollars manual account single headed.
- Musa Khan was use to tell short but meaning full stories.
- Musa Khan was by nature very quiet.

Initially i was appointed in KMC as office clerk but later i was promoted and become some kinda office manager, during that time i use to recheck all cash-in/cash-out by my colleague cashiers, with the time i found different ways by which one can steal money and it was really shocking that i found several corruption cases, even my very senior & religious colleagues were making huge corruption by some really pathetic ways. Anyhow, initially i was reluctant to hold people on such cases, but lately i decided to adopt some policy to avoid such robbery. So i started notifying my colleagues in person about their scams and asked them to bring that money back...as some of my colleagues were working more 10 years in same hospital for a very nominal salary, i didn't felt good to report Haji Jamsher or even Musa Khan about such things...this process started very well, all my colleagues were then very attentive as they knew i can get hold of them...

Islamudin Shami was an actor mostly played Villon roles in Pushtu movies was also hired by Haji Jamsher to prepare fake account books, those were presented for Income Tax department...Shami was really pissed off with people working in actual accounts, as they had chances to scam money while Shami never got any chance to rube Haji Jamsher...he was always searching "Howto blame office staff". Anyhow, Khan Wali, one of office cashier who was use to come in night duty, and was most corrupt person among all office cashiers...got pissed off with me and prepared a drama with Shami i.e.

They somehow gathered all those payments proofs those were missing and i asked some of my colleagues to bring back...but they were making excuses and were trying to delay...though i never reported Haji Jamsher about it...so they took all those proofs to Haji Jamsher and told him that Nayyar is making corruption along with two of my colleague (the one were defaulter)...anyhow Haji Jamsher called all office staff (only clerical) to come in his office and then he blamed Me, Janzeb (who was Haji Jamsher best friend's son in law) and Rasheed (Haji Jamsher's personal school headmistress son). As soon as Haji presented the acquisition, Janzeb & Rasheed started weeping and asked forgiveness, though i was really shocked... it was really a strange situation for me, i was too young & less experienced to face such situation...though unexpectedly Haji Jamsher turned to me "Nayyar, tell me what is fact, i believe in you!"
I d'nt know why but i said "Haji Saab, none of them were intentionally doing it, i had identified them & they were about to payback all." My statement, i did't knew will worth to Haji, he simply on my statement left both clerks and gave me serious warnning...and divided all missing amount on three people including me... so they started cutting our salary for next few months... :(

After few week passed, Khan wali, janzeb & rasheed including shami became big enemy for me... they started fighting and pin pointing my work....

After getting really frustrated i once discuss all situation with Musa Khan, who in return narrated this short story.

Once in a Jungle a tigress had two new born (tiger Cub) children, she had to leave them alone to hunt meal for them, once tigress in search of meal/hunt went too far, so that night came in her way to home & she was unable to reach her kids, she thought that they might have been dead due of hunger...so she did'nt bother to return during the night, though in early morning she went her home to bury her kids in grave. But when she arrived her her kids were fine & playing...she asked her kids, what happen, how come you survived ? they told her "Mother, there was a She Goat, who feed them when we were weeping with hunger..." tigress rushed to see that She Goat & said, you have done a great favour to me, in return i bless you immunity, no one in jungle will attack on you! you will remain our friend...

After some time, In same jungle an Eagle was flying over that area, he saw a very strange event, i.e. that She Goat is walking among lions & tigers and no one is eating her...Eagle out of curiosity went to She Goat and asked her about this phenomena, She Goat told her all that story...Eagle got a lesson from She Goat, that Helping someone is a good act!

Just after few days, same eagle came weeping to that She Goat...she saw that Eagle has no feather on him, and he is crying badly...She Goat asked him, what has happen to you? Eagle said, i was flying over some part of the jungle, i saw few small mouse were dieing with cold, i felt that their mother wouldn't be able to rescue them, so i went and took all those mouse's kids under me to warm...when i saw Sun rise, i tried to flew but i could not...because my all feathers were eaten by mice...

In reply to Eagles terrible happening, She Goat said "Naiki karo lakin Aseel sey, Kamasal say nahin..." english "Always give favour to high caste people, never low..."

Now you think about your life happening & then let me know, were She Goat correct?

though i usually find, She was correct! ;)


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sahar mehreen said...

yup she was really rite..but it DOESN'T mean that we shud always ignore the needy people from low cast.. :)