Thursday, October 30, 2008

HAL daemon hang in fedora 8, Fix !

I was getting strange, rather annoying behavior on my fedora 8 installed day when i came home and booted my notebook it started hanging during the boot process and it was taking ages to give me login when i went crazy with this stupid HAL daemon hang problem, i checked the /var/log/messages on search for HAL daemon errors & I found the following line i.e.

OCT 30 23:13:35 engineer gnome-keyring-daemon[2671]: failed to initialize a HAL context: (null)

After some googling found on ubuntu's forum one guy fix the same kind of error though changing the HAL daemon's priority and it was solved for him, in fact, its a conflict of priority HAL daemon went in a kind of race condition with some other daemon.

what i did is that, as he suggested moved the HAL daemon almost the last daemon to run in rc5.d directory i.e.

# cd /etc/rc5.d
# mv S98haldaemon S99haldaemon

after doing this trick the problem vanished.


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jkc said...

Hey, thanks a lot, man. This was just the sort of clue I was looking for. I've been trying to debug a really obscure intermittent problem in a Debian-5 system and they've got the hal daemon loading along with dhcpd - I get the same error message you did.

Glad you posted this.