Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waseem ki Bermuda Triangle

Waseem here is not because i am trying to bash him, in fact, i was thinking for long to post about some non-Islamic stories/tales those are developed among unaware Muslims & because of their poor general or Islamic knowledge or even less interest in research, they easily get victimize to such tales.

Few months ago, Waseem (ex-house mate) visited me with another friend (both are of almost same caliber in religious beliefs), though Waseem recently converted from SUNI MUSLIM to SHIA for many unknown reason :) anyhow we went to an open restaurant near by beach & were exchanging views on several topics, somehow Waseem started praising his new boss who is again a SHIA Muslim and so called PPP (Pakistan People Party) member though he lost in recent election but he is an active member of his kind. So Waseem started saying many things about him, and suddenly he turned to his boss's vast Islamic knowledge, he said, my boss has explained me Where POSSIBLY be The IMAM MEHDI. if you read carefully the Wikipedia link, even me, was unable to find the exact location where Muslims are expecting him to arrive! but his boss is confirmed & presented his own theory!

According to Waseem's boss, Imam Mehdi is in Bermuda Triangle ! a minute of silence...

Just out of my curiosity, even though i had already read about Bermuda Triangle, i asked him what is Bermuda Triangle? that made him in driving seat. He started like...

Bermuda Triangle is in an ocean (remember he was'nt clear where exactly it is!) and it has a big water Twister, anything including ships , airplanes etc... when pass through that triangle, they get disappear, even birds cannot fly over that triangle, our Imam Mehdi is seating there and waiting for his time, he does not allow anything to fly our him. Sooner or later he will come out, though according to his boss there are already many indication of his arrival! I was reluctant to make any comments on his boss narrated tale but at the same time, i was thinking why he is such firm believer of this kind of rumor, just because his boss has quoted or Waseems likes telling stories, or this is human nature, or something else?

if for a second you keep your belief aside & start thinking on, what if someone tells you that miles in depth of water, there is a human being living, in this current time, you will take it as a joke, imagine today NASA & other research center already have reached to heights of space in search of life, they never thought about going under Bermuda triangle ? answer to me is simple, their scientist are not idiots.

If you take ten minutes and read brief about Bermuda triangle, for example following is a paragraph taken from Wikipedia.

"The area is one of the most heavily-sailed shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it daily for ports in the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Cruise ships are also plentiful, and pleasure craft regularly go back and forth between Florida and the islands. It is also a heavily flown route for commercial and private aircraft heading towards Florida, the Caribbean, and South America from points north."

According to statistics of accident happened in the area with movements of ships & airplanes, it is QUITE SAFE ZONE.

I was since then thinking often why Waseem belief undoubtedly on his boss's philosophy who is not even graduated from any sort of educational institute, who was an illegal immigrant in Japan & made money by selling Japanese used cars, Who fought under recently elections winning party (PPP) banner & he might be seating in future Pakistan's National or Provisional Assembly.

until last week, when i read Paul Graham's this essay where he gave a brilliant thought about people's identity, according to him, Politics is a part of our identity, while during reading of his article i realize that Politics & Religion both serve same in our identity, and the article even covers our Religious affiliation (*this correction is made after Zeenix comment*), which make us discuss it without having it's proper knowledge.

i would request you, not to take this post as non-Islamic or against some SHIA belief, but think on your identity, think on your belief, see how low actually we know about that Topics we discuss, should we try to avoid spreading such belief, instead of defending them without any research!



Sohail Akhtar said...

Although i don't wnat to say anything about waseem or his boss but what i must want to say that "Its human nature specially we, we will not be sure about anything but we will talk and do debat on it" so i totally agree with you on this point that we should increase our knowledge regarding Islamic beliefs, and don't talk about what we don't know exactly.

Thnx for sharing such nice views :)

Haroon Ahmad said...

I know that your this post is not against any person whether Shia or sunni or muslim or nonmuslim or somebody's boss or any party's member.

the only purpose of your post is to mention a point that we should be careful when talking about religious beliefs and we should try to educate ourselves more and more about our religions.

zeenix said...

I think you misread Paul Graham. He didn't say religion *is* part of one's identity:

I think what religion and politics have in common is that they become part of people's identity, and people can never have a fruitful argument about something that's part of their identity.

Reading the rest of this blog entry, I think you only mistakenly chose the wrong words so its all good & I must say: awesome blog entry.

nayyares said...

@Sohail, even in heading of this post, i mentioned that waseem & his boss are just an example of such characters, we (Muslims) are suffering with such mistaken beliefs, that is why, every new day is bringing more setbacks to Muslims community world wide.

@Haroon, of course i never meant to target Shia belief, and even if you read Wikipedia's article that has mentioned clearly about Shia belief regarding IMAM MEHDI, there is't any reference to this kind of tale as his boss narrated. My objective was not to aim Shia on IMAM MEHDI, it is just to put some light on our lack of interest in Islamic beliefs.

@Zeenix, thanks for correction, in fact during the reading of article i was making comparison of our Political & Religious identity, and i went so deep that i forgot Paul actually did'nt mentioned Religion :) anyhow i made the correction.


sheena said...

so nayyar here it was another hidden lesson in your writing..:)

about this blog i wud say dat yeah its human nature actually dat we tend to move towards the very new fashions starting from our wardrobe to the ideas we hold..sometines we think dat a person is an authenticated body so whateva he/ she narrates is true.. :)

all i can say is *its GOOD to follow someone who is RIGHT but its BETTER to follow after you explore / find that he is REALLY RIGHT*...


Mohd Izzuan said...

I think in the Bermuda Triangle Ocean not a imam mehdi but the dajal!..Leader of the zionis jehudia basterds..i mean my observation,in that ocean have a big or mega city goverment of devil's..if imam mehdi why he want kidnapped all pilot and the ship??think about it..assalamuallaikum and allah hu akhbar!

nayyares said...

@Izzuan, nothing i can add in your statement :D

salar said...

Weather it is a tale or fact; it is necessary to have a research for conclusion. It is debatable topic and come with proofs rather comments.