Wednesday, November 18, 2009

missing email accounts in Contact Book, MS Outlook

well, well, well, i feel regretted when do blogging about MS shits, but you know you cannot avoid it!

We were facing an idiot issue with our outlook contact book, when we created new email accounts they were not updating in outlook's contact book, another issue that i saw was, when i tried to download fresh contact book in outlook, it gave me error something "an object not found...blah blah" so here is the solution.


1. you cannot see new email accounts in outlook contact book.
2. when you refresh/download new contact book at outlook, it gives you error.


you "offline address list" in exchange is not properly configured.


1. open Exchange System Manager
2. open "Recipients" tab.
3. click on "Offline Address List"
4. under right pane, you will see an object "Offline Address List" right click on it and select "Properties".
5. under General tab, click on "add" navigate in newly open window and select "Global Address List"
6. click OK.
7. right click on "Offline Address List" again and select Rebuild.

soon after these steps you will be able to see all missing email accounts, while you will no more face errors on refresh/download contact book.


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