Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saudis are busy!

I have been wondering for years to figure out, what Saudis are doing... i always thought they are doing nothing, just earning money from their tourist industry (HAJJ & UMRAH) or sleeping at canals of God gifted petroleum reserves... but i was wrong, no believe me... i was seriously wrong! they are really busy nation, exploring new era of FATWAS for rest of the muslims world... i was before completely convense that the most extreamist thoughts has been injected by saudi's to muslim world, just to keep everybody intact to their tourist industry... but NO, i was really wrong!

today i received an email from a friend, with following attachment. i have nothing to say after it!

please let me know, how far i went in my wrong perception about them?


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KamranAzeem said...

1) This is not a formal Fatwa by Saudis. Only the first part , regarding the ring tones, is correct. It is an agreed upon fact, around all Muslim Ulama of present day, that Quranic Ayaat, should not be used as ring tones, for the reason of incompleteness. It makes sense.

About Mecca, Mosque, and other words, the claim is baseless.

Still the correct pronunciation for Makkah is "Makkah".