Monday, August 16, 2010

forward dns, solved huge puzzle for me

since i joined sysadmin team at our DR site, i found SSH delay on two of our test environments, the major cause was ssh version in Solaris, that force to resolve client hostname, but at DR site the ssh client's machines have different DNS server then test environment, even both test environment has their own DNS server.

initially i was working on DNS replication, but then later due to some security policies we decided to avoid DNS replication...what happen yesterday that, our official hardware support engineer came to work on a server, that lost storage connection, during some free time, i discussed this DNS & ssh delay issue, he also gave me replication idea, but during conversation, due to his poor English he used replication as forward and here i got the idea, i suddenly started laughing that how come i miss forward dns option :) so simple and easy.

i edited /etc/named.conf of my both test environment DNS server. i.e.

options {
directory “/var/named”;
forwarders { IP ADDRESS OF SSH's CLIENTs DNS ; } ;
forward only;

just a restart of DNS service and it started working like a dream :p


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