Thursday, August 12, 2010

error: adduser: user exists, at samba & winbind server.

One of our colleague reported "Acess Denied" during SSH login to our fileserver i.e. configured with Samba & Winbind under Centos. During the troubleshooting process i decided to remove and add the user again, after removing, when i tried to create the same user, i was getting error "adduser: user exists"... after a research on google and reading samba official manual, i discovered i.e.

"If winbindd is not running, smbd (which calls winbindd) will fall back to using purely local information from /etc/passwd and /etc/group and no dynamic mapping will be used."

so here i got the clue and created user after stoping winbind daemom. i.e.

step 1: # service winbind stop

step 2: # useradd -u 786 -g 786 -m


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