Friday, May 8, 2009

Email Reply

This is a funny pissing off email reply, i sent to this lady...she was continuously sending me her company's emails even after telling her that i am no more representing (my old job).

Dear Shahina Khan,

I am glade that you are Khan, because i am Khan too, do you know reason behind people write Khan after their names, No? Ok, when British colonized us they were use to give different awards such as Khan, Nawab, Sir.....etc

I was born to a Pashtoon family in Peshawar...Peshawar is the city were Daleep Kumar and Sharukh Khan families were also born, though i am not a film hero...even i never tried to give any sort of audition...even then Sharukh khan's cousin who lives in Peshawar have so many time proposed me...i am not proud !

Ok coming to the point, i have left imsciences and Pakistan too, so i am not representing them any more !

could you please send this email to ,they will certainly reply know the reason, No? Ok, because you are a Lady, second you are Khan, third checking guy is a male who is also Tariq Khan !

cheers and keep yourself happy.



sir g but u didn't mention what was she asking u abt ims?

nayyares said...

she was asking me to refresh their newsletter subscription that had few years ago.

Haroon Ahmad said...

you can always solve problems with dialogue, email me her contact number and I will sort out things with her. after all i am your younger brother, i have a duty to sort out your problems.

nayyares said...

Haroon, in the introduction of this post i mentioned that i tried to speak her about her wrong destination emails...but she continue...

Being my young brother you have many other liabilities too :p