Thursday, April 2, 2009

ORA-01156 signalled during: alter database add standby logfile

Last night I was stuck with our standby RAC servers !

We have to rebuilt/duplicate all databases on standby RAC servers, in the step when i was adding standby logfile i received error "ORA-01156" it was too annoying, on top of that i was terribly tired with that RMAN backup crash for one of the database at Production Site, so you can imagine, i had to solve two problems at the same time on two different sites :-S

anyhow i found a very nice post on ORA-01156 as a matter of fact the post was so concise that i took 2 minutes to solve it !

look at the beauty of the post ! just few lines and problem explained with solution.

i ran just following lines in my case and solved it !

Why is this happening?

You cannot add standby redo log while the database is in managed recovery mode.

How do I fix it?

Exit managed recovery mode, add the logs, and then reinitiate managed recovery:

alter database recover managed standby database cancel;

alter database add standby logfile group () size ;

alter database recover managed standby database disconnect;


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although i m not Database person but i know what is the concept of standy as we also have concept in the blog is really nice.