Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dawood & Alam story

Whenever i get time, i have habit of recalling my past, as God has blessed me with strong memory, i can easily remind the events and people way in past. Few days ago i was thinking on people who get chance to excel but they d'nt realize opportunity. So i started thinking have ever i met such people...frankly i found many :) i guess it might be normal behavior of an ordinary man, they are ready to lose their chance.

you must be awaiting for subject story, yeah i have decided to blog these two people, as they have a great impact on my life and they were one of them (ready to lose their chance).

When i was in 3rd grade at school, it was the time when only a single teacher was responsible for teaching all subjects, our teacher "Sher Ali" was a comparatively rich man, he was doing job for fun, his main source of income was his transport business, so he never gave shit to enter our class and teach something. He was our class teacher since 1st grade so we reached 3rd grade without getting proper knowledge. we were same blank as we were before starting schooling...

Things were bad and even we were not interested in any sort of betterment because, it was a party time....but as nature keep things mangling he left our class and became an independent teacher, means a teacher who has nothing to teach in school, he might bribed Head Master to keep him away from classes...A day when we reached school found a new teacher sitting in our class, it was a shock for me...as i was n still i am lazy, i feared that the new teacher is going to give us some kinda ride...sad feelings...i was even not properly settle with this shock of seeing a new teacher in class, i went to my desk which was almost in mid of class room (just few desk before last row) i found two new faces sitting in mid of front row ! wawoo two new class fellows...so our story starts here.

My desk mate told me that the new teacher name is "Jahanzeb Khan" and these two new boys are Dawood n Alam, both are Jahanzeb's nephews. So everybody at class was waiting to get start with this new teacher...after a while our Head Master arrived and gave us a kinda introduction of Mr. Jahanzeb ---- "Mr. Jahanzeb is highly educated and experienced teacher, he is young and talented, i am hopeful that he will be a great source of knowledge for you!" and then we were left to Jahanzeb and GOD....Jahanzeb started very well, he gave us his list of rules...including break times, period schedule etc...when he finished he went out of class and said you are now free for 30min, you can go out, we will resume after 30min....everybody evacuated from class room including me...at that time i was dam shy, i did'nt mind to speak with new colleagues, preferred to get their introduction from other fellows :D though they were really noisy guys, specially Dawood ! he was really noisy... might be because his uncle was all in all at that room :s

Things became normal just as they could ever...nothing serious was happening...few days pass with this new teacher, a day in the morning he came and said, people, we will start Mathematics from today, and you have to give real intention to this subject it is very important etc,etc... anyhow, i was really a half meter into ground... because i never had been hard worker and i knew that this new subject i.e. mathematics with this new teacher, is the killer. so he started with simple mathematical exercises, amazingly i found it very easy to get...few weeks after he came and started saying from tomorrow we are going to start LCM, this is the most difficult exercises of your book and if you get LCM quickly you will become best in rest of exercises... so next day he started teaching us LCM everybody was watching him when he was writing on black board...things were normal just simple copy-paste stuff... suddenly he changed the rule and gave us a question to solve, the question was a bit different then the ones he was solving on board, so it was not easy task...he wrote question and went out of class room to bring his cup of tea, he took almost 2 or 3 minute, in this time i was the ONLY student who was able to solve the question, he came and asked anyone solved it yet ! i with a kinda scary voice YES SIR...BANG! everybody was steering me :s teacher was too amazed that a back bencher is able to solve this question...even his beloved nephews were struggling... he suddenly asked me to show my notebook, and he found it was 100% correct. He started interviewing me...what is your name?, where you live?, what your father do? do you have mathematics tuition etc...? there was nothing interesting for him, i was just another ordinary student...But he made a very strange decision, he announced that Nayyar is going to sit in front row with Dawood n Alam from now...Big Bang! everybody again steering me, i was almost about to die watching those eyes at me...but i had to shift from my camouflaged back bench to front row :s

I started sitting in between Dawood n Alam, it was really new experience for me...though i was more scared of being sitting in front...i found Dawood is a chatter while Alam was comparatively quiet...things were getting towards normal...we three started understanding each other, here are the examples...

like, when Mr. Jahanzeb was giving some assignment for class, they were pushing me to do it quickly so that they can copy-paste to their notebook and get time to play...even sometimes they were really bashing me "Nayyar, why are you taking so much time to solve these questions...they are not that hard, just do it, we need to go out, you are some kind of crap, we d'nt know why Mr. Jahanzeb moved you here..." and as soon as i was finishing assignment, they were making a carbon copy of that assignment...

During this time i found that Dawood hand writing is fucking highly quality, he started getting popularity school wide due to his fine hand writing, even a day our Head Master entered class room and called Dawood to write a letter for him...I got impressed.

I started searching why he is dam good in writing...and i found the secret, it was his Pen :D he had a special pen who's needle was cut in way that in URDU we call it "QALUM". i asked him several times where he got this pen, but he was reluctant to give answer, even sometimes he was making false statements... a day i broke my pen's needle, my mother gave me money to go and buy new needle for it from a guy in our colony, he had a shop in Peshawar court for Pen repairs, i went to his home it was 2 minutes walk from my home, when i asked the guy to fix my pen, he took me into his home, and there i found that he had a pen with same needle cut as Dawood, i asked him, could you please make my new pen needle with this cut, he said you have to pay extra, i agreed and DONE ! i got Dawood style pen.

So, you can imagine, in few weeks i got same quality hand writing as Dawood had and started getting popular too...though as i told you, i am too lazy person...and i never thought about becoming No. 1, i was happy to remain an ordinary guy in my class, but it is true that i never failed any subject and in my whole school life i was considered as talented but lazy guy.

Going back to Alam, i found just a normal student, though he was more obedient then Dawood... Mr. Jahanzeb told us that Alam has very good voice and he is awesome vocalist of Pashtoo NAATs... that became Alam's popularity reason and he was invited everywhere when there was a need to vocal NAAT...even he only knew one Pashtoo Naat & and i saw him vocaling same Naat 7 years :)

Mr. Jahanzeb tried a lot but both of them were unable to excel themselves ,I saw 100s of times Mr. Jahanzeb was trying to push them to some place and they were failing, like putting them into sports team, they failed, putting their names in proctorial board they failed, putting their name in scholarship exam they failed, even sometimes Mr. Jahanzeb was speaking with other teachers to give them good marks, still they were short of good positions, Dawood & Alam both had big amount to spend in school canteen..., even when they reached 10th grade (Matric) they were just one of those 3rd divisioners such as me :D

After almost 6 years...

A day i was entering to KMC's building (my very first proper job) where i was working as office assistant and in parallel was doing M.Sc in Computer Science... i heard someone is shouting Nayyar, Nayyar...Nayyaraaa...i quickly started searching who is calling, i found Dawood, he ran towards me...i found him in bad condition, he was not properly dressed up as we were use to see them in school, he asked me, Nayyar what are you doing... i gave my all info about job & study etc...he suddenly started weeping and said, yaar i am about to die, i lost my time, i did F.A (12th grade) in private, i d'nt have job, no capacity to do further study, i have been hired as security guard for a doctor's clinic near your office, i will look after his and clients cars....please do something for me, even Alam is working as gardener in air-force & has same condition as me !

Moral: As once Qazi Ahkam (my ever best teacher) said, if you play with your life, there will be a time when it will start playing with you...and than there will be no limits.



So sad abt ur friends......u r 100% right, i agree with the moral of ur blog:

Haroon Ahmad said...

since I have studied from the same school so I remember Mr Jehanzeb. He not only destroyed his two nephews but many other kids in the school with the help of their parents.

As you know I had a very shining school time records, if you remember when I got 1st position in the school and the world record holder Sultan Golden gave me a cup and badge of distinguished student in a ceremony, you were there with me :) and on our way back to home you bought some expensive baking stuff for me from army shop that we were not used to buy lol I love you brother...

anyway, the moral of the story is different in my eyes. it is the elders/parents/teachers/guardians who destroys the children when they are grooming. They are like iron-man, who is heating up and hammering a piece of iron. he can make whatever he wants from the bar because he has the hammer, iron is hot and very easy to be molded the way he wants.

and yeah I remember your hand-writing, it should be still fantastic or you forgot to write by hand due to IT profession like me? lol when i was giving IELTS exam i was feeling so strange to write something on paper with pen, i always shouted "argghhh! somebody gimme ma keyboard"

KamranAzeem said...

This story is heart touching. While reading it, I had a chance to look inside my own self and my past. All of a sudden I felt sadness creeping into me. I know I missed many chances. But I am thankful to Allah that he keeps giving me more chances. Now, I am more careful and more serious than I was before. Thank you, Nayyar.

nayyares said...

@Sohail, Thanks

@Haroon, I know you have that talent, while God has too provided you with situation where now you have a big chance to make your future/career. Regarding Mr. Jahanzeb, i guess his behavior was just an average Pakistani behavior, whatever he did was in favor of his nephews (according to him) but they have let him down. If his nephews were capable of recognizing their opportunity the story must be quite different.
Regarding my hand-writing, yeah it is still the same ! though i am now addict to keyboard such as you :D

@Kamran: thanks Sir, btw, to me you are big inspiration for hard work. I hope God will bless you a bright future and a wisdom for recognizing your chances.