Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last for the road.

It was normal Saturday morning last week, when Carla Judith called on my cell, & told that she will not be able to visit my farm because she has a party at home...just on end of conversation i asked what for this party? she replied, its my elder sister's wedding 10th anniversary so we are enjoying together ! I quickly with surprise 10 years with one husband :D she with anger YEAH !!! WTF you think my sister is like .... anyhow i stop flaming with a tiny sorry...later in the evening when i was as usual sitting with friends in Maputo Shopping Center, watching Indian girls & their new fashion :p...i got a call from Carla Judith, she asked me to come & join the party, i asked her i am really hungry if she can only offer me some meal & later i will quickly sweep back to my home then i will visit her house, she agreed...

Mind you that i really hate people when they are drunk & make noise...! when i reached her house i was standing outside...asked her to bring my meal, she insist to meet her father n mother, because they wants to know my
colleagues...i initially hesitated but later went inside her house, there were almost 4 big tables in open air...with African/Mozambican music, ladies & gents were dancing as & beer was scattered on tables as normal...anyhow i went to table where her father n mother were soon as they saw me with their daughter they stand up & we met, "it looked that they were waiting for me...might be awarded of my visit" anyhow they offered me a chair to sit with them...just in few second Carla came & requested me "Nayyar, porfavor...comer nos...mha mae, pae gostar que mha coleaga sintar aik" English: "Nayyar, please eat mother n father likes when my coleagues stay our home"...i replied Ok, "mas fazer muito rapido, eu ker ir sedo" English: "ok, but do it fast, i wants to go back soon"...!

Soon, she came with my
favorite salad & chicken roast...i asked one Coca cola...things were normal...until, one of the guy suddenly screamed..."vomos embora...vomos embora...vamos beber ate amanha ser...vomos embora..." English: "lets go...lets go...lets drink until next day...lets go..." i quickly realise the guy is DRUNK...and tried to ignore him...he suddenly again shouted with more force...& it started becoming pain in ass...i ask Carla Judith, that if she invite people let them know that you should drink just to the level where they remain human...she started laughing at me...she said, "Nayyar, es normal...", English: "Nayyar, this is normal..." anyhow i tried to forcefully ignore that son of a bitch...but he continuously getting into my nerves...i was playing with my patience...suddenly one guy who was sitting just next to me on table...called her wife..."Amor...vamos casa..." English: "My love lets move home...", & he snatched the big wine bottle in his hands...with screaming voice "LAST FOR THE ROAD..." i wish he will be safely home :-|

Still when i think about that night i get stressed...even when i left the party & came outside Carla's home...the guy was shouting "
vomos embora...vomos embora.....", & his voice was reaching until my car...

Today as it is Wednesday...i was trying to forget that night happening, just got a joke from one just read & try to compare the joke with my Saturday experience...


A rabbit was running
towards forest when he saw a giraffe stop & said:

-- O
giraffe! Stop smoking...that is shit it hurt you, lets run towards forest! You'll see you feel much better...giraffe thought for one second, and said:

-- You're right, rabbit, and he started running ....

-- he was running with the rabbit. Soon they found a bear sniffing glue. Rabbit jumped immediately in front of Bear:

-- O bear, leave this shit! This can only hurt you, lets run with us and take the fresh air inside your lungs!

The bear jumped to the front and began to run with them until they find an elephant to
sniffer cocaine. Rabbit again,

-- O elephant, you're crazy! you are doing this shit! Come with us...

The elephant thought a bit, and decided to join the group, which then found a loin who was about to inject heroine.

-- Again, our rabbit friend..., he jumped towards loin and Said:

-- O loin, this makes you shit, come with us for running....

NEVER.....loin replied...,other animals with strange & anger why you
d'nt join us?

-- Are you crazy? Why you are doing this?

--The loin replied:

-- When ever this son of a bitch "Rabbit" takes Heroine, ask me to run...i am not an idiot to run until forest!