Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Delete multi-owner disk set in Solaris.

The more i stuck in Solaris the more i like my Linux :-|

I was continuously in hot waters when unable to delete that fucking test multi-owner disk set from Oracle RAC, almost tried all i could but it was not doing...i left office yesterday almost 30 minute late n was really angry with me about delaying the RAC installation due to this multi-owner disk issue...

Today when i came office, i just started reading the metaset command manual & found -P & -W option/switch that can do it if you use them in sequence.

#metaset -s multi-owner-setname -w

this will release/withdraw host from this set.

#metaset -s multi-owner-setname -P

this will purge the disk set.

PS: these commands should be in same sequence i.e. first withdraw then purge & you should be running them as superuser/root


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wasted 2-3 hrs to deleted...Thanks for the command