Monday, July 28, 2008

Installing Oracle 9i on windows xp, in 3 steps

Last week I got a new notebook from development team to test the performance using NTFS based encryption on oracle & jboss installation. Initially these machines were expecting to be ubuntu 7.0 machines but later due to less expertize in linux the communication team complaint against putting Linux in these client machines, because they have to travel to provences & it will be defficult for them to handle different situation there...

Anyhow I have to test all this shit on Windows XP. I when started installing oracle 9i on windows xp, had a small confusion that what are the important steps to keep in mind during oracle 9i installation in windows xp, initially i tried searching some step-by-step for the task but had a hard luck ... i created my it is:

step:1 Define environment vairables,

click on: start -->control panel --> system --> Advance

here you will find a tab "Environment Variables"

"click on that"

you will get a pan you need to add new environment variables as below:

Value: c:\oracle OR "path-for-oracle-installation"

Value: %ORACLE_BASE%\ora92

Value: name_of_instance

4. Name: NLS_LANG
Value: american_america.WE8ISO8859P15 "this character set can be used for Portuguese language."

Step 2: insert oracle 9i cd/dvd & start the setup. The rest is pretty smooth. just few clicks like,

1. click on Install
click on Next "this screen shows oracle home description"
select Oracle 9i database
4. select Enterprise Edition OR "your on choice"
5. select Software only

Step 3: After finishing this installation, you need to patch it for

Download patch id: p4163445_92070_WINNT from metalink.

After running this patch you are ready to use oracle 9i version


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ShyGuyCalif said...

Installing ORacle 9i on XP is pain in the rear. These 3 steps are short. Step 2 is very painful and instructions are usually required for it.

Do you have detailed document with screen shots?

Please post if you do...