Friday, May 9, 2008

Bashir ki Beti

Ok, without any context references I will jump into the core of this exciting post...I remember when in Lord Of The Ring, just before final fight starts...when the King on top of his Castle's Towers saw the aliens army is coming to fight his too few solders, he abruptly says: So It Begins !

Same happened to me, when I arrived in Maputo very first time, I stayed few days in Hotel Ibis, during this time Anilza helped me to find out a flat for me, after almost one week of hard search I was able to get a flat on 4th floor of 60 years old building at Av. Kerl Marks ! because I was just new to the town i did'nt knew what are the famous spots...just after two days one of my office colleague asked me "Nayyar, where is your flat?" i replied on Av. kerl Marks, he said where on Kerl Marks, I replied in front of Standard Bank, he said there are many Standard Bank on that Av. (road) ! i got confused, then our office boy explained him its near "Qayum Center" hmm, it was a new clue, then when ever people asked me where is your flat, i was replying its near Qayum Center. After almost one and half month, i made two Pakistani friends in the town, who were working in shops near my flat, one day i forget to buy Pao "bread in english" i went to one them shop & asked where i can buy pao, bakery is closed, he replied there are few guys sitting in front of Qayum Center, again i was surprised that i am living near to Qayum Center, even when people ask me where you live i just reply them near to Qayum Center, and still I never went to see this Qayum Center...suddenly i requested the guy to accompany me till Qayum Center, I found it a big Electronic Shop with almost all kind of Electronic Home Appliances !

Things were not stopped here...After just few days i was speaking to a local Mozambican friend, and he asked same question, where you live? answer you can imagine now ! but this time a new cross question thrown to me...Which one? I said there is only one Qayum Center in town, why you asked Which one? he said NO, there are many !

This was beginning of my interest in this company ! i realized that this Qayum is really a rich man who has this much shops around the town...even things were not stopped here...One day I went to offer JUMA Prayers in Baxa "down town" I was surprised with a really well decorated & managed Mask "Masjid" without any delay asked one of the person who made & maintain this Mask, he replied Qayum Center !

Then After almost a year I spent in Maputo, one day one of my Pakistani friend told me "Yaar woo Maputo Shopping Center ki opening hoogai hey, Chal uss koo dekh kay atay hain...! " English: "man, Maputo Shopping Center has been inaugurated, let move to see it...!"

When we reached Maputo Shopping Center, I found it very good nicely build Shopping Mall, I quickly asked who made this, he replied Qayum Center.

That confirmed me that I need to see this man, I asked them where I can see this Qayum Center owner, they said lets move inside they have a General Store inside, usually he & his family is found there...without any further delay I reached to that Big General Store, & was introduced to Qayum Center owner, his actual name is Bashir ! I was fortunate that i found him with his family i.e. Wife & a bleeding edge fresh daughter ! in complete Indian style dress. wawoo could you imagine a person's level of joy when he see a girl who's father is millionaire...! Ok d'nt think further, because soon I came to know that she is married to a guy who was working in her father's company...!

Now here we need at least 5 minute silence ..... She..who is Bashir ki Beti (Bashir's Daughter) is married :-( all of my joy went down in seconds....I was always thinking what maximum success an employee can get in a company, i found the answer that day...! "when employee marry his Boss daughter...!"

Way back in 2004 - 2005, Dawn News Paper published an article on World's Stupid Person, the author clearly said that, "Every person has two fathers...One is Father other Father-in-Law, & the World Most Stupid Person is the one who was born to a poor Farther & later he marry to a poor Father-in-Law's daughter...!" I completely agree to him, its mind blowing fact...! be serious I am not kidding d'nt get yourself be called one of the most stupid person in the world.

So, Now for a better future, I regularly Friday till Sunday evening visit Maputo Shopping Center, & try to see Bashir's daughter, one day she noticed me with a 100 thousand dollars romantic look, i have calculated my success in this affair is around 7.5%, I am optimistic & d'nt wants to be counted in World Most Stupids.



Haroon Ahmad said...

I wish if someone from Qayyum centre read your this post and next time you step into the centre whether you see the Bashir's daughter or not but you must see his Son-in-law. because his son-in-law is not stupid ;)

nayyares said...

I am ready to risk my life for her :D


smahendra said...

Good luck!!

P.S - I went to her wedding a few years back ;)