Monday, May 19, 2008

The 47's mystery in my life

Last night I was thinking about my past & was trying to get what remained most common during all different will amaze that I have found there has been too many 47s in my life...let jump into the detail.

1st 47: I am born in Pakistan which was founded on 1947.

last two digits in year = 47
47 = last two digits in year

2nd 47: I got 438 marks in Matric exams "10th grade" in 1994, that is shammingly too few :-D but still watch the mathematics here. i.e.

Year of Passing Matric exam = 94
47 = Year of Passing/2

3rd 47: I got 732 marks in Exam "12th grade", in the age of 18 "ohh...sweet 18 ;-)" look into mathematics again. i.e.

Grade = 12
Age = 18
Marks last two digits = 32
47 = (Grade + Age)/2 + Marks last two digits

4th 47: I got 347 marks in exam, pretty simple ...

47 = last two digits in marks

5th 47: I again got 347 marks in previous (1st year)...

47 = last two digits in marks

6th 47: I again got 447 marks in final (2nd year)

47 = last two digits in marks

I am not sure how many 47s will be left unnoticed & how much to come...



Haroon Ahmad said...

this is not a very interesting post especially you have raised your bar yourself by your last post which is very well written.

47 is not common you are forcing it to be common. it will be genuine if it is coming itself without any mathematics :-s

nayyares said...

when i write something i forget about what i wrote yesterday...anyhow if you see i used related variables of that especific event... i wrote what i felt...