Thursday, March 29, 2012

The root LoggedException was: Error setting oracle NLS Date format

Ok baby! you are receiving NLS Format error in ETPM or CC&B logs? and you want to know whats going on with your Application Server? ok ok... here we go!

ORACLE Enterprise Taxation and Policy Management has bug i.e. once it lost connection to database server, unable to reset it seemingly less, and during this time when it tries to recover the connection between Application Server & Database server, it start giving HTTP-500 error on user's browser.

As you will continue to receive NLS Format error in logs, while it has nothing directly related to connectivity issue you will remain confuse, in our case we had the same issue, but later ORACLE informed us that they are working on this bug. I hope it will be fixed pretty soon!

in our case the connect drop was caused due to our CISCO PIX/Firewall server, it had some rules which were causing connection drop between Application Server & Database server.

After eliminating this connection drop issue, we were able to work smoothly and waiting for ORACLE to produce bug fix!


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