Thursday, September 16, 2010

Remove specific emails from Inbox at MS Exchange server.

well, you know me, i feel sorry for you, i know you wouldn't like me to write about bill gate's shits but i have no choice, i have to dump it somewhere...well, yesterday an acting Director at our office, by mistake sent an email to almost all technical team leads with attachment that had salaries of all employees, even i received it :p

soon after his email, he realized the bomb he exploded has started effecting!

He ran to my team lead and asked to clear this shit, anyhow, i was initially reluctant, even i told my team lead, that if it was Linux Mail Server, i would have done it... but MS Exchange NOWAY ;) anyhow later just to give it a try i started research and found a very nice article based on (EXMERGE - that is built by MS as a part of Exchange toolkit) that help me to accomplish the task, i success fully deleted that emails from all inbox at Exchange server.


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