Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Confusion on VIP configuration in RAC on Solaris

I was getting strange error at VIP configuration during RAC 10gR2 installation on Solaris 10...after a day or so googling and forum archives reading i came to know that the VIP configuration in Solaris is different then Linux/Windows....for me its another reason to hate Solaris !!!

what i found about Solaris RAC VIP configuration is that the node's VIP name should not be attached to any interface in at OS level inside machine, while the VIP name should be registered in DNS instead of host file. Even I have found that it is better to put VIP of the node to logical interface on top of a physical interface. In my situation i did the following...

step 1:
ce0 ---> was the physical interface
ce0:1---> was my logical interface on top of physical ce0.

so i have selected ce0:1 as the VIP interface.

step 2:

your VIP configuration at the end of oracle clusterware installation will fail...but d'nt worry about it. its normal in RAC 10g on solaris installation. do it through VIPCA tool or even manual command i.e.

$./srvctl modify nodeapps -n node-name -A VIP/SUBNET-MASK

Note: if still you get problem in setting up VIP on RAC 10g on Solaris SPARC machine, you better drop me an email, i would try my level best to help you out :p


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